JetBlue passengers who were diverted plead to deplane in Newark after a plane had trouble landing at JFK


JetBlue passengers were denied permission to deplane after they were diverted by weather. This caused chaos.

“We gotta get off this plane. It’s dangerous!”One passenger said so. “We tried to land four times already. It’s dangerous. We’re scared to fly. We want to get off.”

In stormy weather, the passengers were heading to JFK International Airport in New York City from Cancun. The pilots had to cancel the landing four times. The flight tracker shows how the plane took New York City by surprise before turning around and landing at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. 

Many passengers were scared and nauseated when they landed at Newark.

They are located 33 miles apart. 

“I don’t care about JFK. It’s our lives. It’s our lives. It’s our lives, I’m sorry,”The passenger in the aisle stated. “People are sick back there. People are fainting. People are throwing up.”

Sabrina Ettinger (26) recorded video of the frightening ordeal.

“It was really bumpy and it felt like we were flying like this,”Ettinger said this, moving her hand side to side. “And then going down really fast and then going back up. And it was definitely a lot of motion sickness.”

However, the crew insisted that everyone stay on board and fly to JFK.

“Everybody wants to get off!”The passenger in the aisle said it.

The plane took off and landed safely at JFK seven hours later than expected.

“The lack of compassion that we got was something that I don’t think anyone on the flight will ever be able to get over,” Ettinger said.

JetBlue issued an apology and gave each passenger a $50 credit.