Jillian Michaels Blasted For ‘Fear-Mongering’With Nutritional Claims


A TikTok video challenging Jillian Michaels’ take on protein caught our attention. The former Biggest LoserMichaels’ claims that people can suffer from bone loss, liver problems, and other ailments due to excessive protein intake led to him being criticized. A nutritionist and personal trainer blasted Michaels’ claims amid renewed scrutiny of the famed weight loss and health specialist on social media. 

TikTok Star Blasts Jillian Michaels

In a video called “Yet another L for Jillian Michaels,”Luke Hanna, TikTok’s popular nutritionist, used a clip from Michaels to discuss the alleged dangers associated with too much protein to blast his “stunts”. “debunked” information. Hanna has over 400,000 followers on TikTok. He shares nutrition and workout tips, while dispelling misinformation about fitness. 

In the video, Michaels sits cross-legged as she explains the science behind her belief that too much protein is detrimental to a person’s health. She does cite some research during the clipped video but doesn’t appear to dive into specific studies too fully. It should be noted that the video appears to be highly edited,  so some of the important contextual information could have been lost. 

Michaels on the Dangers of Too Much Protein

“What happens when we eat too much protein?”Michaels asks the question at the beginning. She answers her own question vaguely, insisting. “A lot of bad stuff.”Michaels finishes the video with a cut. “Again, I don’t want to get into a really long biology lesson here, or y’know, all the biochemistry and how it affects you, but to make a very long story short, when we eat too much protein it can actually cause bone loss, kidney stones, it’s hard on your liver.” 

These dangers are not ending. “I mean, it’s linked to colon-rectal cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, heart disease. It ages us.”One more cut from the video is before Michaels finishes. “Trust me, I can give you a bunch of different studies. It would take all day.”

Throughout the video, written captions would appear challenging Michael’s takes. Hanna wrote in one of the first captions that he’d “translated” her comments and his translations weren’t exactly complimentary. You can see the video. 

Michaels has been a controversial figure in recent times. She was involved in a well-documented Keto feud. TodayAl Roker is a weatherman and show anchor. She also faced criticism over her problematic training methods in a video that’s gone viral. Last but not least, she was accused by one of her ex girlfriends of spitting at people in anger, among other things.

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