Jim Bob Duggar and Son’s Pornography Case by Judge


Jim Bob DuggarHe is currently running for Senate in Arkansas, but there is a huge shadow over his potential senate seat. His son has been charged with some of the most heinous crimes. Josh DuggarHe is currently being charged with child pornography. Jim Bob has been quiet on the subject, with some quotes showing he was clearly aware and other quotes seeming to imply he had no idea of his son’s supposed activities.

Disclaimer: This article is about a topic that many find very disturbing.

Sins of the Son

Josh Duggar’s trial officially starts on Wednesday in Arkansas, with the accusations in place being very far-reaching. Josh, 33, faces two charges of child pornography downloading and possessing. The most striking aspect of this case is that Josh, the oldest child from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar was featured on TLC’s “Child pornography.” 19 Kids and Counting. The show was pulled from television when stories of Josh’s accusations of molestation of his sisters came to light in 2015. He was not charged with those allegations.

While Testifying MondayJim Bob claimed that his son came to him in 2002 to share some of his misdeeds. He said this under oath. “He had told me that he had touched some of the girls, like, when they were sleeping, like, on the breast, like, over their clothes. They didn’t wake up.”

It seems pretty damning, but when pushed on the subject further during the trial, Jim Bob added that he couldn’t remember the “specifics”He was quick to retract his statement by adding: He also quickly retracted his statement, adding: “I mean, he didn’t use that – I don’t remember exactly the wording that he used. I can’t remember exactly how he said it.”

Retrograde Amnesia

Jim Bob wanted to also take a moment to compliment his son. He expressed gratitude that he spoke to them instead of them. “catching him in the act.” Jim Bob said, “Yes. We really felt like that they – that Josh – we were thankful that he came and told us what had happened, which was a big step, because we didn’t catch him doing something, but he came and told us. But he had crossed some lines and he was right at that age of curiosity of, you know, right at 14 years old where your hormones start kicking in”.

Surreally, it all plays out with the parents applauding their child for doing something that most people would be horrified by. It is a very strange thing to be on the fence about, and it has many people questioning Jim Bob’s desire to join the senate, as well as likely having a big impact on how that will play out for him. As a result of all this, it appears, Jim Bob will not be testifying on behalf of his son during the trial, while some of Josh’s siblings are planning to be called by the defense.

Josh, on the other hand, faces twenty years in prison and a $250,000 per count penalty if he’s found guilty. It is impossible to change this even with a strong family support and a well-known last name. It remains to be seen how this will pan out.