Jimmie Allen, Keith Urban and Jimmie Urban Wow in CMA Fest Day 1’s Best Moments


CMA Fest in Nashville was a huge success with country music stars and newcomers taking over the city. Day 1 was a highlight reel by itself. It started with a festival-opening set by Jimmie Allen, and ended with Keith Urban performing in front of tens of thousands at Nissan Stadium. There were also many great moments and unforgettable experiences.

PopCulture.com’s 2022 CMA Fest was actually the editor’s first CMA Fest. (Despite having lived in Tennessee all my life, I have never been to the huge country music festival. I am more of a Bonnaroo/Beale Street Music Festival guy. I made the most out of it by visiting the various experiences, checking out the daytime sets and checking out the night shows at the stadium. (I even enjoyed the complimentary mashed potatoes that were being offered. Here are some highlights from Day 1.

Jimmie Allen kicks off Weekend

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CMA Fest kicked off with an energy boost and lots of special guests from Jimmie Allen. The country star gave eager fans — who all got up early to see the free concert and battled some blistering sunshine — exactly what they wanted out of CMA Fest. He played many of his fan favorites, such as “Make Me Want To” “Big in a Small Town”It also served as a stage for a few special guests.

American IdolNoah Thompson, Season 20 winner, was joined by Huntergirl, runner up. Thompson, aged 20, appeared a little nervous. Huntergirl, however, shined. Huntergirl even laughed off the fact that she was given a microphone stand that was way too high with charm. Allen invited Camille Parker, Neon Union and Chuck Adams to collaborate with him. (Ell would go on to perform a full set on the same stage in the afternoon.


Marcus King Stands Out

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Marcus King was one the best of the many notable guest performers at CMA Fest. King, the 26-year-old singer/guitarist, isn’t someone you’d expect to see at the mainstream-country-centric CMA Fest, despite being one of Americana’s most exciting artists. King was invited out by Zac Brown Band to perform as part of their collaboration. “Stubborn Pride”During their Thursday night Nissan Stadium set. King was fantastic, with his soulful vocals as well as a great solo on the guitar. King gained new fans who wouldn’t otherwise have heard of him.


Priscilla block’s Big Moment

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Priscilla blocks is a rising country star and part of a group of young performers who have exploded on social networks. Block has 1.3 million TikTok followers. While it is not easy to convert that number into huge country success, Block seems on the right track. Block’s short performance at Nissan Stadium’s Platform Stage, a small stage in the VIP section towards the end of the field, was her latest step on her path to superstardom. Block’s voice and personality were well displayed in the two-song set. The 26-year old star even cried a little while reflecting on her humble beginnings. She just recently spoke out about her experiences. NASHtodayShe has performed on Nashville sidewalks at past CMA Fests.


Keith Urban is at a New Level

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Keith Urban finished the first night CMA Fest 2022 at Nissan Stadium. It was a show that showed that he is truly on another level. Urban has been a major figure in pop music for many decades and continues to improve. Urban is a standout among his peers and has even managed to project a younger, more youthful vibe than other performers. He made the most out of his seven-song set and delivered stadium-ready hits such as “Days Go By” “Wild Hearts.”Urban created magical moments with his concert by going in the middle and lighting up the entire stadium with the only light source being their phones. These little touches can elevate any live performance, even one that is limited to the 45-minute CMA Fest set time.


Random Takeaways Starting Day 1

(Photo by John Connor Coulston / PopCulture.com
  • It was difficult to find a place on the Riverfront Stage. After seeing Ell and Allen’s Thursday performances, we didn’t go back.
  • Ell is a total screamer, making us regret not listening to her music earlier.
  • Tom Hanks was at the Chevy Vibes stage watching Rita Wilson’s set, and later we saw Urban and Rita watching Urban from the stands.
  • Even though we only saw him perform live, Darius Rucker still puts on an entertaining show. Shout out to Hootie
  • Jason Aldean is not a fan of mine, but I will admit that I am a big fan. Fans were captivated by his performance at Nissan Stadium, and he controlled the stage with ease.
  • I regret every decision that I made that day, and it was the walk back from Nissan Stadium towards the PopCulture.com Office.

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