Jimmy Fallon Suspectedly Under NBC Investigation ‘Toxic Work Environment’And ‘Frat Boy’Bullying, Industry Rumors


It is Jimmy FallonAre you at risk of being fired as the latest toxic talk-show host One tabloid claims they SNL An investigation is underway into a veteran who is accused of leading a toxic work environment. Let’s check in on the Tonight Show host.

Jimmy Fallon Is Turning a Blind Eye to Bullying

This week, National Enquirer According to Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon has a very different personality from the charming one he is once the cameras stop rolling. There are apparently many complaints about Jimmy Fallon. Tonight Show Staff, condemning Fallon. “There was a complaint made about behavior backstage at the show and NBC immediately started an internal investigation,”Insiders reveal. “Bullying and accusations of a toxic work environment have led them to interviewing current and past staffers.”

The network is monitoring Fallon and showrunner Jamie Granet–Bederman closely. “Jimmy runs the place like a frat boy,”Another tipper grunts. “He wakes up each day well after noon and looks like he is hungover from the night before. He then locks himself in his office until he puts on his makeup and fake smile to tape the show around 6 p.m.”The source continues. “He barely makes eye contact with anyone and only a few chosen senior producers are allowed to talk to him. It’s a horrible place to work!”

Not all shows are the same ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

There’s a lot to unpack here. We should first mention that these claims have no basis. While the outlet’s “insider” swears that people have complained, we haven’t heard from any actual staffers. There would be whispers from others if Fallon was truly a horrible person to work for. But no other credible source has backed up these specific claims, so it’s hard to give them any credence.

It’s pretty clear to us what’s happening here. Ellen DeGeneres’ toxic workplace scandal was major for the tabloids. Magazines still talk about the scandal. “mean girl”DeGeneres still lives many years after the story was published. Now, it’s the National Enquirer is desperate to recapture the drama of DeGeneres’ scandal.

In November, the Get in touch Ellen Pompeo claimed that she had quit. Grey’s AnatomyBecause it had become a toxic work environment. This story was also false. Later, the outlet claimed that James Corden was a complete diva to work for and even negotiated a huge pay raise for himself without having to broker anything for his crew. Even worse, the publication claimed Stranger Things The environment was toxic and it has been criticized. Evidently, the Get in touch Waiting impatiently for next toxic workplace scandal.

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