Joanna Gaines shares how she keeps in touch with her youth


Joanna Gaines, HGTV star, shared a touching moment on Instagram with her followers. She posted a video showing her going back to her childhood street and reconnecting with a part she was missing. “misplaced.”

Gaines Asks Followers: ‘What Were You Like When You Were Young?’

The video was used as promotion for her book. Stories We Tell. The video’s text reads, “When I think about that question we’re all asked as kids: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’”

“I can’t help but wonder what would happen if we were to ask one another as adults, ‘What were you like when you were young?’”She went on. Gaines continued by saying that perhaps if we were to ask ourselves that question, then we might be able to answer it. “see parts of who we used to be that we miss”Or even “traits we’d forgotten were there to begin with.”

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She continued: “So I went back to the street I grew up on looking to reclaim a part of who I used to be.”Gaines is seen lacing her bright green skates on the video, something she used do. “all the time as a little girl,”Continue on to the next street.

Roller Skating is something she loves and strives to excel at ‘Hold On’To

“On my skates, I could be anything,”Gaines showed more clips of Gaines on her skates speeding down the street. “Fast & bold, curious & carefree. I lost some of that confidence and lightness as I got older, so I went back to my hometown and I skated down my street as freely as I used to because I was longing for more of the little girl I left here and I want to reclaim that part of me and hold on tight.”

Gaines explained more in her caption. “As I wrote this book, I got to relive some of the best chapters of my story—like how light & free I felt on my skates when I was a little girl.”Then she asked her followers: “Maybe you can relate to feeling like you’ve misplaced a part of yourself you really loved. Go back if you can—is there a piece of who you used to be that’s worth reclaiming?”

Follower Reactions ‘Beautiful And So True’

Gaines’ followers took her sentiments to heart, reflecting on their own lives in the comments. “That is beautiful and so true,”One person wrote. “We lose parts of ourselves along life’s road and sometimes need to reminisce about what really made us happy.”

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“I’ve been finding [my inner child] again and trying to tell my girls to never let that awesomeness you feel as a child go,”Another comment. “It’s something to be cherished and protected.” It looks like Gaines’ reclamation of her childhood confidence and joy is inspiring many to do the same!

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