Joe Jonas returns to acting in Righteous Gemstones Season 2.


Joe JonasHe has returned to his acting style.

Season two premieres of The Righteous GemstonesThe Jonas Brothers singer made a cameo, singing line dancing alongside stars Danny McBrideCassidy FreemanEric André and Jessica Lowe in episode two, titled “After I Leave, Savage Wolves Will Come.”

It appears that the “Lovebug” artist is striking out on his own—at least, in the Righteous GemstonesCinematic universe. When the singer is introduced to Jesse (McBride) and Amber (Freeman) as an investor in the Lisson’s Christian resort, Zion’s Landing, he tells the crew that he has nothing but “love”The rest of the Jo-Bros can be found here “but sometimes you just gotta go solo.”

“This is just a special opportunity. I’ve always wanted to be a hotelier ever since I was a little kid,” Jonas said, casually sipping a drink in his cheetah-print poncho and cowboy hat. “My brothers are always giving me s–t, saying it’s a wack idea and this and that.”

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