Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon squabble over the washing up in a brand new kitchen


Stacey Solomon was not impressed by Joe Swash, her husband-to-be. She refused to allow him to use the dishwasher until the new kitchen is completed.

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Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon disagree about the dishwasher

Stacey Solomon thought it was hilarious that Joe Swash did not like Stacey Solomon’s decision to ban the use of their dishwasher.

Loose Women’s star, 32, asked that the family refrain from using the equipment for a few more days. “keep it new”Much to Joe Swash’s dismay.

Stacey uploaded their dispute to her Stories via Instagram.

She captioned the video “Joe’s loosing [sic] it because I don’t want to use anything in the kitchen until it’s fully finished.”

In the background, you can hear the ex-EastEnders man, now 40, saying: “It’s like living in a kitchen showroom where you’re not allowed to sit on anything.”

Stacey smiles and tells the camera: “It’s not finished yet and I don’t want to use it until it’s finished.”

It is clear that she knew her words would send Joe on another rant.

He was furious: “Who cares if we used the dishwasher?”

Joe agreed, explaining that she wanted it to be completely new. “No-one opens the dishwasher and goes ‘oh well that’s not new, the dishwasher’s been used’.”

Stacey attempted to argue that the filter will quickly become full and tried to compromise by saying: “When it’s finished we’ll do like a couple of days and then I’ll let us use it.”

Joe was dismayed and continued the debate. Stacey altered the video caption to get the opinions of her followers. She wrote: “Please tell me I’m not the only person like this…

“It should be finished, nice and unaltered for a few days before I can use it.”

And her fans duly obliged and helped her win the argument. She shared a number of comments from users on her side and commented: “You are truly a wonderful person. Your messages make me smile.”

Stacey told the camera: “This is why I am so glad I’m not the only one like it.

“Look at that, all shiny and clean. I just want her to settle in with us before she has to come to the harsh reality of living with five kids and Joe Swash.”

After Stacey made Pickle Cottage, the family celebrated Easter earlier in day.

The proud mother-of-four spent the morning with her boys Zachary, 13, Leighton (10, Rex 2, 2), and Rose, her baby girl Rose. They ran all over the sprawling garden looking for Easter chocolate treats.

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