John Barnes dressed up as Tina Turner once for training in skirt and stockings


John Barnes was once dressed as Tina Turner when he went to football training.

Many nights out with Liverpool colleagues ended so late that there was not enough time to change before hitting on the pitch.

He stated: “Our Christmas party was a fancy dress party so if you had to come to training the next day, you would go straight to training. I went as Tina Turner once — stockings and suspenders.

“There were fishnets, cowboy boots, a little fur coat, a little miniskirt and you had to have your stockings below the skirt.

“I could take my tights off and just go in with my skirt and boots.”

John Barnes
John Barnes dressed up as Tina Turner once for football training

Because Kenny Dalglish, their manager, got involved, the players were never in trouble for their antics.

John, 58, added: “You can get away with anything if you’re a good footballer.”

John, a Jamaican-born man, was so beautiful in his clothes that many men tried to flirt and mistakenly thought he was a woman.

He said: “During the night I had some close scares because after people got drunk they really didn’t know that it was John Barnes.

Kate Garraway
Piers Morgan’s Life Stories host has been replaced by Kate Garraway

“So if you’re in the toilet with a lot of drunk men and you’re fairly attractive…”

Kate Garraway interviews John about his past in her new series Life Stories.

During the three-part series of Good Morning Britain, the presenter will talk to Nadiya Hussain, winner of Great British Bake Off, and Charlotte Church.

Piers Morgan has been replaced by Kate as the host of the ITV talk show.

Kate Garraway John Barnes
John is Kate’s first guest on Life Stories

Kate announced her confirmation of her new role: “I’ve always loved having the chance to talk to people, both on air and off.

“Everybody has a story, and this program allows you to explore the parts of your guests’ lives that viewers may not be aware of.

“It’s also a chance to understand more about the bits we do already know about, both good and bad, and hear it in their own words.”

See the full interview on Kate Garraway’s Life Stories on Thursday night at 9pm on ITV