John Cena Surprises Two AEW Pro Wrestlers


WWE allowed two WWE wrestlers from AEW to appear in its weekly Raw episode. This is a surprise move. Monday’s Raw episode will be dedicated to John Cena who celebrates 20 years of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Cena makes an appearance later on the show. Cena also receives video messages from WWE legends. Along with WWE employees Shawn Michaels and Triple H, there are two AEW (All Elite Wrestling), personalities Bryan Danielson (known in WWE as Daniel Bryan) and Paul Wight (a.k.a. The Big Show was featured in recorded messages.

Although it’s not clear when the messages were recorded by WWE, it’s worth noting that WWE sometimes pre-records interviews with wrestlers and other segments for future documentaries. Wight and Danielson were with WWE from April 2021 to February 2021. It is possible that these segments were recorded before the talent jumped to AEW. Notably, WWE did not use their real names but instead used the copyrighted names they performed under during their time with the company. But it could have been a gesture to show goodwill between the rival companies. AEW might have been okay with the duo paying respects to their longtime colleague.

Crossovers such as this are not common, but they are not unheard of. In recent months, WWE has partnered with Impact Wrestling. This allowed Mickie James to participate in the Royal Rumble match as well as wearing the company’s title on-screen. AJ Styles recently appeared in a Slammiversary package. AEW has been open to collaborating in the past with other promotions. This includes putting on an NJPW-sponsored event called Slammiversary. “Forbidden Door,”Refers to the common boundaries that exist between all types of wrestling operations.

WWE fans were delighted to see two familiar faces on Raw and Smackdown. After the videos aired on TV, fans of wrestling took to Twitter to express their opinions about the WWE-AEW crossover. Scroll on to read their thoughts.

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“Was not expecting WWE to have gotten Big Show [and] Daniel Bryan to do a video for John. The real forbidden door,”One fan Submitted.


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“So f—ing awesome,”Another Twitter user commented. “Happy to see that Daniel Bryan isn’t dead in WWE’s eyes.”


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“Awesome to see Daniel Bryan and Big Show in this segment,”A third viewer Submitted. “Important people in Cena’s history and just great to see an agreement between WWE and AEW to get these guys rightfully in here.”


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“THE FORBIDDEN DOOR HAS BEEN OPENED,”A fourth Submitted. The fifth Additional, “Pretty neat to see guys like Big Show and Daniel Bryan from AEW with video messages to honor John Cena on #WWERaw.”


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“WWE having AEW stars Bryan Danielson and Paul Wight send videos in for John Cena’s 20th Anniversary is f—ing fantastic,”Another person tweeted. Another person tweeted. Submitted, “Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson and Big Show/Paul Wight sending video messages for John Cena was a really nice detail. So cool.”