John Davidson, 1970s Hollywood Heartthrob, Seemingly Disappeared at 80, is Living His Best Life.


John Davidson, an actor and singer from the 1970s was everywhere. 

Davidson was the most beloved TV personality of the decade with his flawlessly coiffed hair and dimples. He appeared on many classic TV shows. “Carol Burnett”To “The Love Boat.”He was also the king and queen of the game show.

But then, he seemingly disappeared — until now.

Davidson, 80 years old, is still going strong. For 8 months, Davidson lives on a boat near the coast of Mexico. He was only dubbed “the superstar that time forgot”The Washington Post.

Inside Edition caught up with the forgotten legend at his night club in Sandwich, New Hampshire — aptly named “Club Sandwich” — where he performs three nights a week during the summer.

“I’m not trying to be famous anymore. I’ve had fame. I just want to do what I do,”Davidson stated.

Davidson knows what it feels like to be at the top. Johnny Carson’s replacement, Davidson was able to fill in. “Tonight Show”He was interviewed 87 times, and even hosted his own talk show.

His loyal fans never forgot him. And although time may have forgotten him, don’t count him out just yet.

“I’m still working on everything that I do. I haven’t done my best show yet,”Davidson stated.

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