John Goodman’s Health Allegedly At Risk, Actor Was ‘Running Out Of Time,’ Anonymous Source Said


How’s John Goodman holding up? Twelve months ago, the Big Lebowski star was supposedly on death’s door. Gossip Cop investigated the rumor at the time,  but a lot can change in a year. Let’s take a look back.

‘Boozy, Coked-Up Past’

According to the National Enquirer, John Goodman’s drug-fueled past was catching up with him. He was cramming his schedule full of projects over the fear that he would not be long for this world. An anonymous friend said, “Doctors have told him after so many years of boozing, the damage to his liver is hard to calculate, but he could develop a fatty liver or cirrhosis of the liver from all that drinking he did.”

A 2016 lap-band surgery helped Goodman lose weight, but a doctor explained, “Once the band is removed, he’ll have to eat like a bird to avoid putting all the weight back on.” Apparently, John Goodman even closed his eyes in front of on-set catering to stop himself from giving in to his urges, pushing him toward an early grave.

Gossip Cop pointed out how everything in this story was from the past. It was just a meaningless attack on John Goodman without any real insight behind it. The doctor quoted had never treated Goodman, so their testimony was meaningless. Fear-mongering like this is common in tabloids, so we busted the story.

He’s Doing Just Fine

A year came and went, and thankfully, Goodman is still with us. He’s thriving from the success of The Righteous Gemstones, and he still stars on The Conners. All Goodman had to do to prove the Enquirer wrong was survive, and he’s done that.

He actually sustained an injury on the set of Righteous Gemstones. In a recent appearance on the Tonight Show, he said he lost his footing while doing some choreography: “I was too tired to actually be doing this stuff, so I slipped in the gravel and flew headfirst into the back of a truck.” The noise was loud, but luckily, he was okay.

Other Living Stars

The Enquirer has a nasty habit of predicting celebrity death. Its crystal ball is pretty lousy though. Cher, Liza Minelli, and Angelina Jolie are all alive and well. Celebrity deaths sell magazines, but they’re a gambit. Far more often than not, it’s just worthless and hurtful speculation.

Weight loss has helped Goodman live a healthier lifestyle. Here’s hoping he can swing through Saturday Night Live someday soon to tie Steve Martin’s record as a 13-time host. Since Goodman’s alive, this story was totally false.

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