John Mayer is allegedly desperate to get a job on TV, and is scared of ‘cratering career,’ a dubious insider claims


Is it? John MayerIs he paranoid about losing control of his fame? According to one tabloid, the singer wants to pursue a career in TV. Here’s what we know about Mayer’s plans for the future.

John Mayer’s Music Career In ‘Free-Fall’?

This week, National Enquirer According to reports John Mayer wants his name back on the front page. Now, after Ariana Grande’s seat on The Voice The singer has considered taking over the vacant spot. “John fears he’s all washed up at just 44 years old,”Insider recipes “His last album sold only 96,000 copies and there were no hit singles. Sure, he has enough money to never work again, but he doesn’t want to just disappear.”

Mayer appears to be reaching out to major music shows in an effort to break into the scene. “He’s been meeting with producers at American Idol and The Voice in hopes something on TV can breath new life into his career,” the tipster confides.”Previously, John wanted his music to speak for itself, but now he knows he has to pimp himself out if he wants another hit.”

What’s John Mayer Doing?

We’re definitely side-eyeing this story. We have no reason to believe John Mayer has set his sights on a television career. There hasn’t been much buzz about The Voice‘s coach lineup since we’The next season is still many months away. And we definitely couldn’t find any whispers about Mayer hopping aboard the show.

And while it’s true that Mayer isn’t dominating the airwaves like he used to, he still has a beyond steady career. His tours still sell out stadiums and he has a loyal following. In fact, his latest tour has him booked all throughout the spring, so we aren’t sure when he would have made the time to have “meetings”Television producers

Then, he’s going to spend the summer touring with Dead & Company—a beloved ensemble consisting of former members of The Grateful Dead and other talented musicians.

While it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to take a gig like The Voice, it’s clear that his first love is his writing and performing his music. He could have gotten a job at a company he wanted. The Voice, we wouldn’t trust the National Enquirer To break the news.

Learn More ‘Voice’Drama From The Tabloid

The National Enquirer It has been proven repeatedly that it lacks insight into the inner workings. The Voice. According to the outlet, Blake Shelton was leaving the show after 21 seasons. The magazine claimed that Shelton was the one who was leveraging his power, and forced the show’s cancellation of its spring season. The magazine also claimed that Ariana Grande was fired by producers after she had failed to deliver in her first season. We just aren’t trusting the Get in touch Anywhere The Voice There are many.

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