John R. Cherry III Ernest P. Worrell Creator.


John R. Cherry III, a veteran filmmaker has died. Cherry, who is most well-known for creating Ernest P. Worrell (played by Jim Varney) has passed away on Sunday morning. “a long and well-fought battle with Parkinson’s disease,”The official Ernest P. Worrell website Announcement of Facebook page. Cherry was 73.

Referring to him “Buster,”Cherry was a part of the statement. “brilliant man,”He added that he was “kind, amazingly funny, generous and had a heart of gold.”Cherry, in addition to being an author, was also noted. “was also an amazing artist, a skilled fisherman, and an all-around amazing human being.”The statement also stated, “even as Parkinson’s began to rob him of some things, that creative mind of his was always going full-force to the best of its ability.”

Cherry was born in Nashville in 1948. The Ernest character was originally created by Carden and Cherry, a Nashville-based advertising agency. Varney, an emerging stand-up comic at the time, played the beloved character. It was named after Cherry’s father. Cherry first appeared in a series of sketches and commercials. Then, Cherry made Ernest Goes to Camp, the first film in the series. It’s Ernest, both starring Varney. Many more films followed in the ’80s through the ’90s. Cherry directed all of them. He also made cameos in three of the films – Slam Dunk Ernest, Ernest Goes to Africa, Ernest in the Army. Varney’s declining health meant that the Ernest character was eventually retired.

“I want you all to know how much he loved hearing from you and seeing your love of Ernest,”Ernest fans were addressed in the Sunday statement. “Those of you who came out to meet him at Ernest Day, often bringing your children with you and telling him how you introduced your kids to Ernest and how they now love the movies too…it truly made his day. I will never forget the joy in his eyes after that first Ernest Day. You truly have no idea how much hearing those stories and seeing the love you still all have for his creations meant to him. Thank you so much for loving Ernest and bringing Buster so much joy over the years, especially in these last several years that have been so difficult for him. You truly brought him insurmountable joy in some of his darkest moments.”

Cherry is survived by his three children – Josh, Emilie, and Chapman. Funeral arrangements are not yet in place. Silver Screen Beatday concluded. “the world is definitely a little darker today without his light.”

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