Johnny Depp Allegedly ‘Crushing The Scales’ At 260 Pounds Amid Legal Drama, Dubious Source Claims


Is Johnny Depp in dire health? According to one tabloid, the Fantastic Beasts actor is struggling to stay fit amid his legal battle with Amber Heard. Let’s check in on Hollywood legend.

‘Stressed’ Johnny Depp ‘Packing On The Pounds’?

According to this week’s edition of the National Enquirer, Johnny Depp is looking worse for wear. While Depp prepares to go to court for his defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, fans are fearing that the actor’s recent weight gain could cause problems for his health. “His general lack of self-care has been an issue for years now, but lately it’s gone into overdrive,” an insider dishes. “Johnny’s pigging out on all the wrong foods and drowning his sorrows in booze while smoking like a chimney and doing hardly any exercise.”

The actor is apparently “crushing the scales” at 260 pounds, and sources say his legal showdown with Heard has only made things worse. “Johnny’s finding it tough to sleep and paces around like a caged tiger, ranting and raving about how Amber’s wrecked his life, and he’s ruined if this case doesn’t go his way,” the tipster confides. “The legal fees alone are bleeding him dry, and Hollywood isn’t exactly knocking on his door. Worse still, he’s eating non-stop. He’s like a walking heart attack right now.”

Johnny Depp Is A ‘Walking Heart Attack’?

This tabloid doesn’t actually have any insight into Johnny Depp’s health or personal life. Given this tipster’s insistence on insulting the actor, they probably aren’t even close enough to the star to know about his diet. So, with the alleged insider’s dubious testimony out of the way, all we have are the photos. But as we’ve explained time and time again, you can’t glean any meaningful insights into a person’s health from a couple of photographs.

While Depp is definitely in a stressful position, we have no idea how he’s coping with it. Maybe he is binge eating—we can’t say one way or the other. But we do know that this magazine isn’t helping anyone by wildly speculating about Depp’s health. And since this same tabloid once criticized Depp for being too skinny for the same reasons, we aren’t buying into this latest tale. In the future, unless it’s coming from Depp himself, fans shouldn’t trust any updates about the actor’s health.

The Magazine On Johnny Depp

Of course, the National Enquirer is not a model for journalistic integrity—especially when it comes to Johnny Depp. Back in 2020, the outlet reported Depp’s career was as good as dead after divorcing Amber Heard. Then the magazine claimed Depp was going broke. The publication also claimed Depp was in a “downward spiral” after injuring his hand. After covering such salacious stories, we know better than to trust the Enquirer anywhere Depp is concerned.