Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial: Former Marriage Counselor, Heard’s Former Assistant Testify


Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and their marriage were in danger. They sought advice from a counselor to save their union. In court, the counselor for marriage testified that the union between the actors and their spouse was not viable. “toxic.”  

The testimony came during Depp’s multimillion dollar defamation trial against his ex-wife.  

“He had been well-controlled for 30 years, both had been victims of abuse…but I thought he had been well-controlled for decades, and then with Miss Heard, I think he was triggered,”Laurel Anderson, a former marriage counselor and a clinical psychologist, testified.  

Anderson counseled Depp and Heard in 2015 when they were both married.  

She testified Heard told her she was the target of her husband’s verbal cruelty and that Heard suffered from abandonment issues.  

“If he was going to leave to deescalate from the fight,  she would strike him to keep him there,”Anderson said. “She would rather engage in a fight rather than have him leave. 

“I think [Depp] may have initiated it on occasions, too. That I am less sure on,”She said.  

Heard’s former assistant also took the stand.  

Kate James answered yes to being asked if Heard had ever cried. James, Heard’s firing officer, answered, “How often?” “She was a pretty dramatic person. It is hard to put a number on it.”  

Heard was her description of it. “extremely difficult” “abusive.”  

James answered the question about her abuse by saying, “Screaming at and screaming at me over the phone and in front other people.” Barrages upon Barrages text messages. She leapt up out of her chair, put her face in my face, she was spitting in my face, telling me how dare I ask for the salary I was asking for.” 

Heard was not fond of Depp’s friends, according to the assistant.  

“She told me she did not like hanging out in her house because it was boring and they were all old,”She said.  

The courtroom in Fairfax County Virginia was packed with supporters and fans of Depp as well as Heard. 

Around 150 seats are available for the public. The trial is expected continue for several more weeks.