Johnny Depp called them suckerfishes and insulted their family, friends, and Amber Heard


Johnny Depp was accused of calling his fans “fools” ‘suckerfishes’Witness testimony was given by a former friend, who claimed that the actor would insult anyone he felt had crossed his path.

In evidence, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was accused of insulting his mother and sisters, Amber Heard, and his fanbase. The odd term refers to a type of fish which attaches to ships, then puts a hole in them, and then sinks them.

Io Tillett Wright was once close to Mr Depp (58) and Ms Amber Heard (36) and gave evidence via video link in Virginia’s Fairfax County Courthouse. She made several claims regarding their relationship.

Photographer Mr Wright provided evidence regarding his. “intense”The actor and the actor struck up friendship after meeting in 2013. He once said that he still loved him. “cares deeply”About his former friend.

Johnny Depp has been accused of calling fans ‘suckerfishes’ by a former friend during witness testimony
Johnny Depp was accused of calling his fans “fools” ‘suckerfishes’Witness testimony by a former friend

Witness testimony stated that Depp would experience paranoia if he drank alcohol or used drugs. It was also claimed that drug use would cause Depp to become more paranoid. “cruel and misogynistic”The actor’s side.

Depp claimed that his wife was the photographer. “no talent”They were together at one time in their relationship.

Mr Wright, a photographer, discussed his intense friendship with the actor after they met in 2013
After meeting in 2013, Mr Wright, a photographer and his intense friendship, Wright spoke out about their relationship.

The court heard: “She has no talent and when her t**s start to sag and her face gets wrinkly, no one is going to be interested in her for anything,”

He also added: “Johnny is incredibly intelligent, incredibly smart and witty, and he would point his jokes at people, Amber’s appearance, her talent — her lack of talent, as he perceived it, why he thought she was actually famous, which he always implied was because of her looks.”

The photographer said that Depp claimed his wife has “no talent”
Depp claimed that Depp had taken his wife. “no talent”

Wright claimed that Wright would also make disparaging comments about his fans.

“He would insult his fans, he called them — I remember, he called them remoras, which is a type of suckerfish that attaches itself to the hull of a ship and puts a hole in it and then sinks it,”According to Mr Wright, the court was informed.

“He would rail against his mother, his sister – sisters. Pretty much anyone he felt had crossed him or would cross him. He became very nasty.”

The trial continues.

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