Johnny Depp’s LA Penthouses Amber Heard Asked About Divorce


Johnny Depp Amber HeardWith the trial of this century, they are grabbing headlines. Some big-ticket items from their divorce were Depp’s many lavish Los Angeles penthouses. Let’s take a look inside.

A Divorce Refresher

Depp is currently suing Heard’s ex-wife for defamation. Heard published an article in 2018 about domestic abuse that suggested it was Depp. Both have been awarded major victories in court. But the most important stuff is happening right now. Online, the trial is dominating discourse.

This trial revealed previously undiscovered details about their 2016 divorce. Heard wanted, among other things a black Range Rover, cash and the ability. live rent-freeIn his LA penthouses. Over the course his marriage, Heard slowly obtained five apartments in Los Angeles. Heard’s lawyers wanted these concessions in exchange for keeping the divorce quiet. The divorce was not secret.

Depp owed Heard $7 million by the time of the divorce. She pledged to donate the money to the ACLU. A trial judge ruled that Depp didn’t pay $3.5m and that $500,000 came from Elon, who she was with at the time. This revelation became a viral sensation.

Take a look at the apartments

As one would expect of a millionaire: Depp’s penthouses are largeThe apartment is lavish and beautiful. Most New Yorkers would consider almost every room a luxury apartment. One bedroom has a great view of the city.

The kitchens feature a chrome finish and a kitchen island. A striking detail is the fact that almost every wall is covered with artwork. It’s tough to tell what the subjects are in the publicly released photographs, but it sure seems like Depp is a lover of art. Given his roles in “The Help”, it is not surprising. Ed WoodThe Rum Diary. It has never been an issue with taste.

Art on Full Display

One room is an artistic version of the other. Dr. Strangelove’s war room. A large, decorated table is surrounded by 14 chairs. It’s just feet from the mural. Another angle shows that this table is adjacent a second kitchen.

Depp seems to have moved from one room to another without a home base. The condos are currently not on the market but that could change anytime. They were appraised at $12.78million in 2016.

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