JoJo Siwa Names Candace Cameron Bure the ‘Rudest’ Celebrity She’s Met


JoJo Siwa did not have the most pleasant interaction with one person Fuller House star. Siwa made it clear on TikTok that Candace Cameron Bure is the “rudest”Persisting with any celebrity she has ever met Page Six. She also shared with us who the “nicest”Miley Cyrus is the only celebrity she’s ever met. 

Siwa shared a now viral TikTok on Sunday in which she revealed some of her interactions and friendships with celebrities. Siwa flashed pictures of celebrities to quickly share her answers. The clip’s biggest revelation was who the You think you can dance?Judge named the “rudest”Siwa has never met a celebrity. Siwa shared a photo of Bure from her phone to reveal the celebrity’s identity.


Exposed pool day hahaha

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Siwa didn’t share any details about her interactions with Bure, such as when they met. But, Page SixThe author did not forget to mention that Dance momsThe reunion was attended by alumnus Fuller House premiere in 2016. Both have competed in 2016. Dancing With the StarsDuring separate seasons. Other than sharing who the “rudest”She shared the celebrity with everyone she had ever met. “nicest” — Cyrus. 

Siwa referred to Zendaya as her celebrity crush. Elton John was also a name she called. “coolest”She said she has never met a celebrity and that Spongebob Squarepants was the reason. “dirty.”The DWTSAn alum captioned her video with writing. “Pool day = exposed.”Siwa has documented the meeting of Cyrus in the past. So it’s not surprising that she named her as one the most influential women in music. “nicest”She’s met people in the entertainment industry. In May 2020 Siwa revealed to her fans that Cyrus was the man she met.He said that Hannah MontanaStar is why she decided to enter the business. 

“She is obviously why I’m doing what I’m doing today. I mean, I was obsessed with Hannah Montana from such a young age and, you know, you never know what someone’s going to be like in person and when they turn out to be so amazing, it’s just incredible,” Siwa told Access HollywoodCyrus also said that he is “the best human on Earth.”Neben der Rede mit dem Outlet, sie also They met on social media and documented their story, “Today I met Miley and had the best conversation of my life with her. This is a day that I never thought would happen, and now a day that I will never forget. @mileycyrus you are a golden human and I’m so happy that I met you and you we’re so nice! Thank you for being you, you turned my life around today. I love you.”

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