JoJo Siwa Talks Attending First Pride Parade in ‘JoJo Goes’ Exclusive Clip


JoJo Siwa has decided to go to the WeHo Pride Parade, and she is taking her best friend along. PopCulture presents an exclusive clip from the premiere of Siwa’s new album. Facebook Watch show JoJo Goes, the beloved personality is seen talking to Ezra Sosa of Dancing with the Stars. In the clip, Siwa revealed she is going to the parade for the first time and invited Sosa to come and celebrate on her float. 

“JoJo Siwa may be a gay icon and a voice for her generation, but she’s never been to PRIDE, the famous West Hollywood parade that jump-starts the celebration of Pride Month,” the official synopsis of the episode states. “This year, JoJo’s taking WeHo by storm and designing her very own parade float! The only rain on the parade is that JoJo’s girlfriend Ky might not be able to make it to the festivities. But JoJo’s BFF Ezra Sosa just might have something to say about that.” 

JoJo Goes is a hybrid docuseries where Siwa has the opportunity to take on new experiences she’s always wanted to do. As the official synopsis of the series states, Siwa’s “bows have found a new home, dancing shoes are traded for combat boots, and the only twirling and spinning involved is JoJo’s head trying to remember doctor codes and steps to save a patient’s life!”

In an interview with Billboard, Siwa, 19, revealed her feelings about the premiere of JoJo Goes. “Oh, I am so stoked. It was a wild show to film — I was doing all of this stuff that I had never actually done before,” the singer, dancer and YouTuber said. “Every day, it felt like there was a whole new adventure, so it was so great. It’s really funny to see me in those environments, too.”

Siwa also explained how she went about selecting the experiences she wanted to participate in for theShow. “Ultimately, it was what made sense, among the things that I’m not able to do. This was the collection of stuff that not only I really wanted to do, but what my people around me, my friends, my family were interested in doing and what they all thought I could do. Every episode varies pretty seriously on how we got there.” There series premiere of JoJo goesFacebook Watch will air the program on Thursday at 12:01 p.m. ET. The eight episodes are totalled, with each episode premiering on Thursdays on Facebook Watch. Siwa’s facebook page. 

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