Jon Stewart Allegedly Off The Rails, Scaring Staffers After Show’s Reported Sharp Fall In Ratings, Dubious Insider Says


It is Jon StewartUsing his staff to lash out? One report says he’s taking his ratings-related frustrations out on the staff of Jon Stewart: The Problem. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Raging Jon’s Problem: His New Show’s A Dud!’

Per the National Enquirer, Stewart’s new Apple TV+ show is dead in the water. He’s reportedly lashing out at his staff because his ratings are so bad. To make matters worse, Stewart’s late-night rivals are apparently laughing behind his back. A source says, “Jon’s not the satirical star he used to be, and the ratings reflect that—and he’s mad as hell.”

Stewart is said to be experiencing more temper tantrums as he deals with a damaged ego. “He doesn’t understand it. He was a hit on The Daily Show,”According to a source. It doesn’t help that Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, and Stephen Colbert are all laughing at his misfortune. “They think Jon’s too woke and doesn’t appeal to mass audiences,”According to an insider. Stewart is used to being the center of attention, the snitch concludes, so he’s not taking his new spot nicely.

What’s Going On With Jon Stewart?

Yes, Jon Stewart’s ratings are far lower than Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon. It has nothing do with Stewart and everything to do Apple TV+. The streaming platform, which is rapidly growing, is available in radically fewer homes that CBS and NBC.

Stewart has made comments about Stewart’s work. Ratings for his show: “You’re probably just going to look at aggregated clips of it somewhere, on YouTube, where you pirate Ted Lasso. You don’t even know how to get Apple TV, do you?” He’s well aware of the limits of his platform.

Gossip CopCorden and Fallon are ridiculing Stewart seriously. Stewart is a big part of Colbert’s career and he has been featured on Colbert’s show. Late ShowNumerous times. Stewart is a living icon who has just received the Mark Twain Prize of Humor. He can ride that high for a while.

This is speculation. Apple TV+ doesn’t release its ratings, as do most streaming platforms. EW reports that it’s the top unscripted series on the platform, so that’s something at least. Even in its prime, it was a great series. Daily ShowCable limits have meant that we never even came close to snagging the ratings of Jay Leno and David Letterman. Streaming is even harder, so this whole angle seems ignorant.

Rating stories abound

The Get in touchIt is quick to point out sagging ratings whenever it needs a hit piece. It claimed The ViewBecause ratings were low, he would not be able to get elected. This obviously didn’t happen. Gayle King was being forced to leave, it was claimed. CBS MorningsOver low ratings, she was just resigned for big cash. The truth is not always revealed by numbers.