Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel team up to create a ‘Groovy’ ’60s-Inspired Hotel


Property BrothersStar Jonathan ScottFor a very special room remodel, Scott needed a hand. Scott called his girlfriend Zooey Deschanel for an assist while redoing a ’60s-inspired motel room. 

Scott And Deschanel’s Visit To The ‘Brady Bunch’ House

Scott posted a recent photo of Deschanel and himself at the Brady Bunch house. Scott’s caption was written to the tune of the sitcom’s famous theme song: “Here’s a story, Of a girl named Trixie, Who was busy renovating a motel of her own, They were two folks, Working all together, Yet they were all alone.”

“So they called in me and @zooeydeschanel, To take on the ’70s-themed Flower Power room, And gather some groovy inspiration…At the iconic Brady House,”The caption was completed. The photo shows the group posing on the home’s stairs, with everyone decked out in ‘60s garb. 

Trixie Mattel’s Motel Renovation Project

The room Scott referred to in the Instagram post was for Mattel’s newest venture: the Trixie Motel. Mattel and her friends renovated the Palm Springs motel and decorated it. The process is being documented in a Discovery Plus series. Trixie Motel. Scott, Deschanel and country star Orville Peak will be among the guests. 

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These rooms are a perfect match for the retro decor Scott and Deschanel helped to create. Mattel is known for her glamorous stage looks, which are also inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s: big hair, bright clothing, and dramatic eye makeup. 

Trixie Motel Opens for Business

Mattel originally purchased the motel in order to make it an Airbnb. However, after seeing the property, he decided to make it a fully functional motel. According to Trixie Motel website, “Trixie Motel is a pink paradise located in the heart of Palm Springs, CA. We offer seven custom themed rooms, including three suites, three queen rooms, and our honeymoon suite. Located right off Palm Canyon Drive, Trixie Motel is steps away from the city’s best restaurants and attractions. We can’t wait for you to #staythenight.”

The Trixie Motel is an exciting new project from the drag queen and fans of Mattel can’t wait to book a stay at the motel. Property Brothers Deschanel and Scott are equally thrilled to help with the retro-inspired renovations! 

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