Josh Duggar Set To Be Sentenced In Two Weeks


Josh DuggarHe has been given a sentencing date, following his December conviction for child pornography. Duggar will receive his sentence on April 5, and here’s what he’s facing. 

How long could Duggar stay in prison?

Federal court charged the former reality TV star with two counts of child pornography possession and receiving. He was found guilty on both counts. Duggar was found guilty of both receiving and possessing child pornography charges. However, he will be sentenced to only the possession charge under federal law. 

Duggar is being held in Washington County Jail ever since his conviction. He faces up to 20 years imprisonment and fines up to $25,000 His lawyers aren’t giving up on him just yet. They have requested a new trial from the judgeDuggar claimed the government failed to provide evidence that Duggar knew the content he had received was written by minors 

Duggar was not entitled to a fresh trial, the prosecution replied. The evidence presented was “clear and overwhelming.” The judge presiding over the trial has not responded to the defense’s request, but it’s unlikely he will grant it; he denied their previous two requests for dismissal. The judge will also be the one in charge of deciding Duggar’s sentencing, so it is up to him to decide if Duggar will receive a full 20-year sentence and the hefty fine. 

Duggar’s Aunt Slams Him On Social Media

While the Duggar clan is largely silent about the matter, some relatives are speaking out. Duggar’s aunt, Deanna, seemed to call him outIn an Instagram post that has since been deleted. “I was told a completely different story about a certain family member!”She wrote. “I saw the truth on my local news! So sad!!!” 

In addition to Duggar’s 2021 conviction, he has been accused of sexual assault and child molestation dating back to 2002. It’s unknown how severe Duggar’s sentence will be, but based on the crimes he has been convicted of and the accusations against him in the past, it’s fair to assume he will receive a lengthy prison sentence.

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