Josie Gibson broke down after hosting This Morning. She was called a natural by her viewers.


Josie Gibson, a bubbly television personality, said she was ‘in tears” after co-presenting This Morning with Phillip Schofield.

Holly Willoughby, who was suffering from a stomach bug, was taken ill on Tuesday 16. Holly Willoughby then stepped in as Big Brother host.

Although her appearance was uneventful, she revealed that she had experienced some minor issues when she returned to the stage on Wednesday 17th. “good cry”Once cameras stopped rolling, it was as it was “such a big thing”She will be the face of the program.

Although she has been a contestant on the ITV morning chat show since 1996, she has never been asked to present as a main presenter.

Josie beamed on Wednesday after she said fans 'showered her with love' after her first presenting gig
Josie smiled on Wednesday when she mentioned that her first presenting gig was a success because fans’showered them with love’

Phillip presented her second show yesterday. He said: “Welcome to your Wednesday this morning and look who’s back!”

She replied: “Oh thank you very much for having me back,”Phillip insisted: “No, there was a massive response, people loved you…”

In response, Josie remarked: “Do you know what? Social media can be quite a dark place at times. But yesterday I was showered with love.

“I had a great cry and cried for half an hour after the show.”

Phillip then joked: “Well, I do it often after the show…” while laughing before asking: “What, relief?

Holly Willoughby posted a tribute to her temporary replacement on Instagram
Holly Willoughby shared a tribute on Instagram to her temporary replacement

Josie shared: “It was just so emotional. It was a really big thing to be sat here with you yesterday and to have all those lovely messages. It was just so lovely”

Holly Willoughby, however, thanked Josie yesterday for her efforts to present in her absence. She wrote on her Instagram story yesterday. “Thank you @josiegibson85 for saving the day yesterday… You are a dream! I’ll be back as soon as I’m in no threat of vomiting on @schofe.”

Josie’s time on the show was well received by fans. Some Twitter users even referred to her as “The Josie Factor”. “a breath of fresh air”And a “natural”In the role

Josie, born in Bristol, began her media career after winning Big Brother’s final series on Channel 4 in 2010. She had an on-screen relationship with John James Parton.

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