Joy-Anna Duggar’s Newest Baby Bump Photo


Joy-Anna Duggar, a wife to Austin Forsyth, is currently pregnant with her third child. Duggar shared a recent Instagram photo of her growing baby bump. The Counting onAlum is already a mom of Gideon (4 years old) and Evelyn (2 years old). 

Duggar uploaded a few photos on Oct. 11 of her posing before a mirror. She showed off her growing baby bump as she turned to the side. The reality star also noted in her caption that she had eight weeks to go before the photos were taken. She explained that the photos were taken four weeks after she learned they were expecting another child. 

“My mama always told me time goes go by faster the older you get… so, I shouldn’t be shocked, but every time I look back one month, one week, or even one day I cannot believe how fast the time slips by,”Duggar captioned this post. “Cannot believe that it’s been 4 weeks since we found out about this baby!”

As she explained, it has been a while since Duggar had announced her pregnancy. Forsyth and Forsyth shared their news on Instagram and YouTube. To announce the newsThey shared photos of them holding ultrasound photos as they posed for pictures with their children on Instagram. Their caption was simple and they wrote: Baby #3 is on the way!”Duggar’s relatives were obviously overjoyed at the news, and they shared their excitement in the comments section. Jessa wrote, “Stunning photos! So happy for y’all!”Jill congratulated the couple, and wrote. “Couldn’t be more excited for y’all!!”

Their YouTube videoThey have given their fans an inside look at what happened when they learned the news. Duggar said, “We have been trying, and we’re both ready to have number three.”Forsyth wiped away a tear and said, “Or baby number three and four. Wouldn’t that be cool?” Duggar continued, “We’re at a really good spot now. We love our family, and we’re ready to expand, so, we’re really, really hoping that we get pregnant. It’d be crazy if it was twins. It would be fun.”

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