Judge Esther Salas calls for greater judicial protections after the murder of a retired Wisconsin judge in his home


Officials claim that a retired judge was executed in his Wisconsin home by a man he had previously sentenced to prison. He also had a list he wanted to pursue. 

Police said that John Roemer (68), a retired judge from Juneau County, was zip-tied to his basement chair and shot himself on Friday. Authorities said that Douglas Uhde (56), who Roemer sentenced for armed robbery was found to have been seriously wounded by a self-inflicted shot wound.  

He was in critical condition when he was transferred to a local hospital. 

Uhde was found with a hit list that included Wisconsin Governor. Gretchen Whitmer & U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  

Judge Esther Salas knows what it’s like to be targeted. A lawyer angry at Salas murdered Daniel, her 20-year old son, in their New Jersey home.  

“My son was not going to let that man step a foot into our foyer and Daniel took a hit, head-on in his chest,”She said.  

Salas is currently on a crusade in order to get legislation passed that would erase the personal information of judges from the internet. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is blocking the bill, which was named after her son Daniel. He wants it to expand to provide greater protections for members and congressmen. Paul sustained serious injuries when an angry neighbor attacked his house in 2017. 


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