Judge Judy reveals surprising actress she wants to play in a movie


Many fans are familiar with Judge Judy Sheindlin as she sits behind the bench. But her life could one day be on the big screen. Sheindlin’s current focus is on her projects. Judy JusticeAnd the upcoming court series TribunalA biopic about her life is not out of the question, and the TV judge who loves her most already knows which actress she wants as her character in a film.

Sheindlin talked about her thoughts on her life as a biopic during a recent interview. E! News. Sheindlin admitted that she wasn’t interested at the moment in a film about her life. She did however reveal that she was considering who might play her role, with Sheindlin saying that Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon would be the ideal choice. Witherspoon’s fans will be aware that Witherspoon has appeared in many movies as Elle Woods, the beloved fictional lawyer. Legally BlondeFilms in the early 2000s.

“We’re friends, and she gets me, and I know she does,”Sheindlin, also known as Witherspoon “a fabulous lady,” said. “And I think she’s a great actress, and I think she could-if they did, which I would not like-I think that she could carry that off.”

Although nothing is currently in production, it seems that a biopic on Sheindlin is possible. This beloved TV judge has a long and distinguished career. He not only saw the end of his prime time role, but also served as a television judge for many decades. Judge JudY series continues to rank among the most-watched syndicated programming programs. Sheindlin was also named the highest-paid talkshow host by Forbes. ForbesIn 2019.

Sheindlin was born in Brooklyn, New York. She earned her college degree in politics at American University, before starting her law degree at Washington College of Law. Sheindlin was the only woman in her class of 126 students. After completing her law degree at New York Law School in 1965, she passed the bar exam in 1965. She then served 17 years as a family court prosecutor, beginning in 1972 and later moving to the criminal court. Sheindlin rose to national fame after her 60 Minutes special. She also launched her own courtroom series. Judge JudyAccording to, her net worth was $440 million. Celebrities Net Worth.

While Judge JudySheindlin continues to be busy with her new series. Judy JusticeThe second season of ‘, debuted on Amazon Freevee just recently. She also serves as the creator and producer of a new Freevee court series called Tribunal.

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