Judge Sentences Former Northwestern professor to 53 years for ‘Execution’Boyfriend During Sex Fantasy


Northwestern University’s former professor has been sentenced for 53 years. “execution”He was with his boyfriend in 2017, during a sexual fantasyland. CBS News reported.

Wyndham Lethem, 47, was convicted of first-degree killing in October in the death Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, 26.

Prosecutors said that the victim was stabbed more then 70 times by Lathem Warren and Andrew Warren on July 27, 2017. Warren is a British man whom the professor paid to come to Chicago with him to murder the professor.

CBS News reports that Northwestern fired the microbiologist professor after he fled Chicago in the aftermath of the murder.

CBS News reported Warren pleaded guilty on March 19, 2019 to murder in a plea deal that required him to testify against Lathem, CBS News reported. In exchange for a 45 year sentence, he was given a 45 year prison sentence.

Lathem, however, testified during his trial that Warren alone stabbed Cornell-Duranleau during what started as a methamphetamine-fueled sexual encounter, CBS News reported.

Warren had spoken with the professor for several months prior to this conversation. “carrying out their sexual fantasies of killing others and then themselves,”Prosecutors previously stated.

Charles Burns, Cook County Judge, referred to the crime “one of the most cold-blooded, calculated and brutal executions that he has ever seen.”

Judge Burns claimed that Lathem existed “treated his lab animals better than he treated”Cornell according to The Chicago Sun Times.

“To butcher an individual, Trenton Cornell, the way that he died, in order to fulfill a bizarre, antisocial, perverted fantasy, based on whatever sense of reality, is totally beyond my understanding,”The judge added.

Before sentencing Tuesday, Lathem addressed the victim’s family, saying, “I want Trent’s family to know I have been grief-stricken with remorse since the moment this happened. Every day I think about him and am filled with sadness. I can’t imagine how much worse this has been for them and I am sorry for their loss.”

Lathem’s defense attorney, Adam Sheppard, spoke to the media after the sentencing, saying his client was “disappointed,”According to the final result, WGN9.

“He is disappointed, of course,”Sheppard stated. “He exhibited sincere remorse throughout all stages of the case — three arrests, trial and sentencing — and he is trying to remain hopeful.”

Trenton Cornell’s mother, Charlotte Cornell, also spoke to reporters and said they are grateful to the prosecutors office, police and victims advocate office, adding, “Their countless hours, days, weeks, months have helped us get some justice for our son. This is nothing that we would ever wish on any family,”According to WGN9.