Judy Greer got better advice from her costume designer than her doctors about menopause. So she started a company.


Judy Greer wasn’t feeling like herself. Only in her early 40s, the actress couldn’t explain the brain fog and extreme fatigue she was experiencing. She did what most people would do—she visited several doctors in hopes of receiving a diagnosis. Greer sought out other advice after doctors only prescribed Prozac and birth control pills as the only options. It was surprising where Greer found the solutions to her problems.

Are Middle-Aged Women able to Get Advice from Experts?

Greer’s symptoms began while Greer was working on FX. Married. The actress just wasn’t feeling like herself on set and had a side conversation with the show’s costume designer. Although Greer wasn’t seeking advice at the time, this casual chat would be a turning point for the actress.

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Greer was speaking with the costume designer. Shared with The Hollywood ReporterShe realized that her hormones were changing as a result of her age. “[The costume designer] was like, ‘Oh, honey, how old are you? Your hormones are all over the place. You’re going through this hormonal change, like a big shift,’”She shared it with her. “And I was kind of like, ‘No’—I think at the time I was maybe like 40 or 41—‘no, not yet.’ And she’s like, ‘Oh yes, just you wait.’ And at first, I was kind of annoyed with her. And then I started doing research. And I started realizing, yeah, she’s right.”

Inclusion of Women in their 40s in the Conversation

Judy Greer realized that women in their 40s often go unnoticed. No longer young and youthful but not quite at the menopausal stage, women’s changing bodies in midlife are often left out of conversations. Greer is changing that with Wile, a women’s naturopathic supplement brand.

Wile also offers hormonal supplements. These supplements can be used to support hormonal wellbeing, stress relief, emotional eating, and other functions. Others are made specifically for hormonal imbalances. Greer swears by the products and uses them every day.

Greer is a founding partner in the company and has been using the supplements over a period of one year. Since beginning the regiment, she says she’s noticed a huge difference in her hormonal changes. “I’m not only a part of the company, but I’m also a customer, too, which is really important to me,” Greer says. “I don’t really want to lend my name to things that I don’t believe in.

It is important that women in their 40s are included in the conversation. Greer shines a spotlight on this crucial stage of life for women through Wile. As Greer says, “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be as vibrant and important and happy and successful and confident as we were when we were in our 20s and 30s.”

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