Julia Bradbury believes she will be’still alive in 10 years’ despite her ‘lifetime’ diagnosis of cancer


Julia Bradbury, TV host, openedly spoke about how hard it was to deal with breast cancer and her family including her young children.

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Julia Bradbury shares her thoughts on being diagnosed with breast cancer

Julia Bradbury spoke out about her future after she was diagnosed with breast carcinoma last year.

Julia Bradbury: Breast Cancer and Me was a documentary that Julia Bradbury, a mother-of-three, gave viewers a glimpse into her personal life as she prepared for a mastectomy and reconstructive operation.

Julia not only allowed the cameras into her hospital, but also allowed Julia to capture moving moments such as when she was reunited with her children.

Julia spoke about the negative effects of her illness on her three children, Zephyrus (Xanthe), and Zena (Zena). “There can’t be a a parent in the world who doesn’t worry about the impact of them being ill.

“It’s clear that everyone has been feeling a little sad. There’s been lots and lots of emotion. You are on a rollercoaster and they will pick up on it.” she continued.

“This is a difficult time for us all.”

Towards the end of the hour-long film, Julia and her son were filmed going to meet other families who have been living with cancer.

“This is not a lesson you want to teach your children. This is not something parents want to do.” Julia is heard saying.

“This is a new territory that’s unknown to everyone. What will this time in their lives affect them in five years and ten years? That question can’t be answered right now. It’s a shame that they have this in their lives. I also hate the effect it has on everyone.

“I hope we’ve handled it pretty well and I hope I’m still alive in 10 years to ask them the question, but you just do the best that you can,”She went on.

“There’s still a little bit of disbelief that I’m in that room, with those mums and those parents, as one of them.

“Cancer is a diagnosis that can be made over a lifetime. Once you’ve received your treatment, cancer isn’t something you can ignore. It is something you must learn to live with for the rest, which can be a steep learning curve.

“I think cancer has put me in a very different place, it’s put me on a different footing. It’s completely changed my life.

“Life is precious and I am very fortunate to have three wonderful children. I will take the negative things that have happened to me and make them positive.” Julia added at the end of the documentary.

Julia Bradbury: Breast Cancer and Me is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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