Julia McGuire’s Boyfriend isn’t in ‘Winter House.


The Bravo spin-off series’ debut season. Winter House. The cast is full swing and includes singles and people in committed relationships. The only couple officially in the house is Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, who are also engaged. Julia McGuireIs in a serious relationship that involves someone who does NotParticipate in the Show.

Since the model arrived (late) to the Stowe cabin, she’s discussed her boyfriend and the on-and-off nature of their relationship — but his face is blurred in photos shown on the series.

Julia McGuire’s boyfriend is who? Are they still together? Keep reading to discover more about the real-life boyfriend of Julia McGuire.

Who is Julia McGuire’s boyfriend? Before appearing on ‘Winter House,’ the star of the show reconnected with him.

Contrary to her co-stars who were all single and eager to mix at the beginning of the film, she was not like them. Winter HouseJulia had actually reconciled her boyfriend before she traveled to Vermont.

“When Paige invited me on this trip, my boyfriend and I were in a very rocky place. We got back together, but girls in relationships can still have fun,”Julia stated this during the second episode.”Cold Weather Hot Secrets” “I’m here to get f—-d up, hold your hair back, and be your hype girl.”

Julia’s longtime pal and co-star Andrea Denver revealed that Julia had been with her boyfriend for a while. “on-and-off”The past.

Julia has been very open about her relationship with Onion. Winter HouseShe has not shared much information about her boyfriend. The show shows viewers a photo of them from Greece. However, her boyfriend’s face is obscured.

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Julia has not added his name to her Instagram account. Users can see Julia’s partner’s face by scrolling through the public Instagram feed. She has not shared his name or detailed how they met.

Although the model is quite active on social media, she has posted only two photos with her boyfriend. Julia mentioned that her Greek partner was in one of the photos.

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“< dating a greek,”On June 23, she posted an Instagram message.

Julia opens up about her daily life before the cameras, Winter HouseIt is evident that her partner is more private than usual.

Julia McGuire is still with someone? Luke Gulbranson expressed an interested in her during ‘Winter House.

Julia has not made public any changes in her relationship status. It appears that she is still with her mysterious boyfriend. Julia last posted a photo of herself with him in the summer 2021, while they were traveling together to Greece. But, her Instagram grid mostly contains solo photos.

Her Winter HouseLuke Gulbranson, Luke’s co-star, expressed an interest in the blonde model in the third episode. However, it remains to see if this will become a regular storyline.

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Julia McGuire

Source: Instagram

Julia had an argument with Gabrielle Kniery during the episode because Gabrielle danced with Luke. Julia later shared her story with the ANTMAlum she claimed that Luke was her innocent interaction and that she was committed her boyfriend.

The drama is heating up. Winter HouseThe show airs Wednesdays at 9 PM ET. ET on Bravo