Julia Roberts, a Meteorologist on Today Show, Offers Parenting Tips


Julia Roberts might not be the first person that you think of when looking for parenting advice. Although the actress has three children—17-year-old twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus, and a 15-year-old son, Henry Daniel—she often keeps quiet about her personal life.

Roberts made the move from Hollywood to New Mexico to raise her twins in 2004. However, the award-winning actress has recently given advice that all of us mothers should hear, and it’s struck a chord with someone else you may know.

Roberts’ Sound Parenting Advice

Roberts speaks about her children very rarely. It’s very rare. All you have to do is scroll through Roberts’ Instagram feed. You won’t find many posts about her children. In fact, most of the pictures of kids on her feed aren’t her three children.

A recent interview was conducted withTODAYHoda, anchor Hoda and George Clooney shared some unique insights on being a parent later in their lives. Roberts, 55-years-old, talked about her struggles with making mistakes and how they help her children.

“Sometimes I get gripped with fear of blowing it,”The actress admitted it. “Sometimes I just say to my kids, ‘So today me as a mom, can we just take that off the board? Because I blew it.’”

Dylan Dreyer Is Definitely Related

This interview touched a nerve with many mothers. One mom is Dylan Dreyer, a meteorologist for NBC. Dreyer has taken Roberts’ advice to heart.

According to a meteorologist, this was the most recent statement. TODAY Parents, “Julia Roberts was on the show talking to Hoda about how sometimes you’re gonna have a bad mom day, but you can just make up for it the next day and have a better mom day.”

Dreyer, just like Roberts is also a mother to three children: Calvin, Oliver, and Rusty. Evidently, Roberts’ advice was exactly what Dreyer needed to hear.

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“There are days where I just feel like I don’t want to put in the extra effort. I just want to get to bedtime. I just need to go to sleep,” Dylan remarked. “It makes me feel so much better that everybody has that moment at some point.”

Tomorrow can be a better mom day

Many mothers have unrealistic expectations. This can lead to mom guilt, shame, and feeling like we must do our best. However, those unreasonable expectations aren’t necessarily ones that we’ve put on ourselves.

Other moms are often seen doing everything: making meals, taking the kids to different activities, and making sure the family eats together. While these moms are still around, many mothers have difficulty keeping up with the day to day tasks.

As a mother to three kids in elementary school, I’ve certainly had to come to terms with what’s reasonable and what’s unrealistic for my children. It comes from society, but also from me.

Even on days that I feel like I’m at my best with my kids, I still have moments when I feel like I’m not doing enough. More accurately, when I feel like I’m not doing It is possible to do so. enough.

There are days when everything is chaotic from start to finish. The kids whine all day. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do the many loads of laundry, dishes, errands, pickups, and drop-offs needed to keep things together.

Add to that, the oven sometimes breaks or a child gets sick. Not to mention, I don’t have any time to just BeEnjoy the precious moments with my children.

We’re All Going To Blow It

In reality, we’re all going to have days where things simply don’t go as planned, just like Roberts explained.

It doesn’t matter if we make mistakes or not, each of us has a choice. We can choose to feel guilty for not being super mom or we can tell ourselves that we’re human. Every parent is going to make mistakes from time to time.

Sometimes we need to admit to our kids that we made mistakes. But that means that we’re learning from our faults and teaching our kids a valuable lesson. They’ll learn from us that admitting when you’re wrong isn’t a weakness, but rather a strength.

On those days when we make mistakes, we—and that includes this mom of three—would do well to heed Roberts’ advice and show up the next day as a better mom.

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