Julia Roberts Posts Sweet Message To Husband Amid Marriage Rumors


Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are constantly hounded by rumors about the relationship being in danger. The gulf of fame between the two is always a sticking point. A recent Instagram post should put all the speculation to rest.

Like A Fairy Tale

1999’s Notting Hill saw Roberts magically fall in love with an everyman. One year later, she grew smitten with a camera operator on the set of The Mexican. She and Moder would wed a few years later, and they’ve been together ever since.

Despite the two’s love story literally sounding like a romantic comedy, tabloids have never been convinced that the love will last. Rumors are endless about Moder and Roberts living separate lives or how the two are crumbling due to different personalities. You would think staying together for twenty years would put those rumors to bed. You would be wrong.

Instead, tabloids choose to promote romance between Roberts and any man she comes in contact with. Everyone from Tom Hanks to George Clooney has apparently made Moder fret over the strength of his marriage. It doesn’t matter if these other men are happily married in their own right: Moder is supposedly jealous and insecure.

She Quells The Rumors

If you’re looking for a sign that everything is smooth sailing for Roberts and Moder, then the lighthouse would be her Instagram. She doesn’t post photos of Moder all that often, but she never misses a birthday or anniversary. A few weeks ago, she celebrated his birthday. She wrote, “you make my world go round.”

Before that, she celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. “Just getting started,” Roberts wrote beside a photo of the two on the beach.

Roberts isn’t the only one making mushy Instagram posts. Moder posted a cool photo of himself and Roberts to mark the beginning of their 20th year of marriage. “Just holding on to this beautiful girl one day at a time. One epic day at a time,” Moder wrote. Isn’t that nice.

Happy Valentine’s Day

In her latest post, Roberts drew a heart over herself and Moder kissing. The caption is simply a smiling emoji to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

You shouldn’t expect the behavior of tabloids to change, but it’s good to keep these photos in mind. Roberts and Moder are obviously still smitten with each other, and any tale to the contrary ought to be disregarded.

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