Julia Roberts Supposedly Facing $250M Divorce – Dubious Rumors


Are you Julia Roberts Danny Moder Is it on thin ice Multiple reports claim that the couple are struggling to save their fragile marriage. Here’s the latest from the tabloids.

Julia Roberts’ Marriage ‘In Crisis’?

It was March again Us Weekly reported Julia Roberts’ recent career successes were starting to rub Danny Moder the wrong way. Moder began to feel neglected while Roberts was working harder. Combine that with the couple’s disagreement over where to live, their marriage was showing cracks. “Julia and Danny have constantly had high highs and low lows,”An insider shared the information. Nevertheless, the outlet’s sources believed they would pull through. “They’re committed to sticking things out no matter what.”

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Yet, we couldn’t find a shred of evidence to suggest Moder would ever resent his wife for working. Not to mention, the couple’s alleged dispute over where to live just didn’t add up. But most telling was Roberts’ recent declarations of love on Instagram. The Pretty Woman actress wasn’t shy about gushing over her husband on social media, so we were struggling to see a couple “in crisis.”

Julia Roberts And Danny Moder’s Grim Anniversary

This is the next step Neue Idea shined a spotlight on the rocky start of Roberts and Moder’s marriage. In the early aughts of this century, Danny Moder was married with Vera Steimberg. After Moder met Roberts, they fell in love quickly and Moder asked Steimberg to get a divorce. Roberts was photographed wearing a Tshirt with the phrase on it when Moder stalled the proceedings. “A Low Vera” scrawled across it—an obvious slight against Steimberg. Steimberg granted Moder divorce within a few days and Roberts was married a month later.

As it turned out, the controversy was not well-known among younger fans. Someone posted about the drama on Instagram after discovering it. The post went viral, and according to the tabloid, it absolutely ruined Roberts and Moder’s 20th wedding anniversary. “Julia is not thrilled that the less-than-savory way her marriage began is being wheeled out on the internet,”One source was chosen. “Still, she and Danny remain united and are determined not to give this online spectacle too much credence.”

This non-story was obviously brought up by us. First of all, the post the magazine referenced was so low-profile that it wasn’t being reported on by any other outlets. We seriously doubted Roberts and Moder even saw the post, so they certainly weren’t letting it ruin their special day. The tabloid was clearly trying to revive old drama. However, the post fell apart.

Julia Roberts is in a relationship with her co-star

Finally, Us Weekly claimed Moder wasn’t happy to find out Roberts was getting cozy with actor Ethan Hawke on the set of their new Netflix film. “The chemistry between Julia and Ethan is white hot, and that has to be very tough for Danny to be aware of, especially when he’s 3,000 miles away,” an insider warned. Roberts was not concerned about the rumors. Moder and Moder are. They decided not to divorce for this reason.

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But we couldn’t help but note how bizarre this narrative was. The article was heavily influenced in part by an incident that Roberts and Hawke danced together in 1994. Roberts was furious at the romance rumors back then and insists that people should not believe them. “have nothing better to do”Instead of speculate about her relationship life. Now, the tabloids have even more evidence. Both Hawke and Roberts were happily married, so we didn’t see any reason to give this rumor any credence.

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