Julianne Moore, Husband’s Red Carpet Looks Back At The Years: From First To Latest


Julianne MooreShe was married to director Bart Freundlich for almost 20 years, though the two’s romance stretches back even further than that. Their love is lasting, despite their age differences, which caused some controversy when they first met. Now two kids and two decades later, they’re still going strong, especially on the red carpet. 

They’re one of the more low-key couples in Hollywood, but the chemistry between Julianne Moore and her husband Bart Freundlich practically sizzles off them during red carpet appearances. Moore and Freundlich met their first time on The Set. Myth of FingerprintsFreundlich directed the 1996 film “Inside Out”, which starred Moore. 

Julianne Moore, Bart Freundlich At 2022 Met Gala

Just a year earlier, Moore had gone through a divorce from her first husband, John Gould Rubin whom she’d married in 1986, so she wasn’t really expecting to fall for her director who also happened to be 10 years her junior. Love doesn’t really wait for people to be ready for it, however, and Freundlich and Moore began seeing each other. 

The Moore-Freundlich Family

Moore and Freundlich had their first child a year after they began dating. They named him Caleb. In 2002, Moore and Freundlich had their second child, Liv, just a few years after they started dating. Both kids take after their mom with their bright red hair, but we can still see their dad’s influence, especially in Caleb’s face.  

Freundlich and Moore got married in 2003 after welcoming their second child. In 2020, they visited the Drew Barrymore ShowMoore offered a glimpse into Moore’s marriage and the state of their relationship after they had been in quarantine. 

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When host Drew Barrymore asked if she had any advice to give out since she’d been married so long, Moore’s answer, “The only thing that I can say is, I think that you both have to really want to be married,” adding, “I do feel like I’ve seen situations where things aren’t working out for people, one of the members of the couple doesn’t want to be there.”

Moore said, “I think if you’re both invested in it working out, and then you really have to have a good time,”Before you sign off, “My God, I think they really have to make you laugh. If they don’t make you laugh, it’s just deadly.”

Moore shared his feelings about being with the same person for 26 years. “What’s really funny about that was that it was 24 years ago, that’s what’s shocking to us, we met 24 years ago,” adding, “I mean, I think that’s what’s been nice about it. It doesn’t feel like a long time.”

They are serious relationship goals. They work and play together well, which could be another reason they are so successful.

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