Junk around Los Angeles Hoarder House is Attracting Roaches & Rats


Los Angeles Koreantown residents are tired of being an eyesore. Even more annoyed by the unwelcome pests it attracts, they’re even more frustrated.

“We used to not have any problems with bugs in the past,”Edward Lim is a neighbor.

“But in the last two years, we’ve seen more and more bugs in the house. We’ve been hearing even rats scurrying about.”

The pile of stuff is about eight feet high and even has a car under it. And covering the top — lots of cockroaches.

This has been a major health concern for all of us.

Neighbors claim they have made several requests to have the trash removed, but no one has responded. The front door is blocked by so much junk outside. So anyone trying to get into the home has to climb over the debris.

Neighbors say they have repeatedly complained about the city but nothing has happened.

A spokesperson for Mark Ridley Thomas’s office, a member of the city council, said that they are working closely with various city agencies to fix this.

For this community, it can’t happen quickly enough.