Jury Recommends Death to Man Convicted for Killing 2 Young Brothers


Jurors took less than an hour for a decision on whether a Florida man should die for the extremely brutal murders of two brothers aged 12 and 14.

Mark Wilson, 32 was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the killings Tayten Baker, and Robert. 

Police said that the boys were beaten to death in Florida by a hammer and had their throats cut.

Sarah Baker, their mother who claimed she discovered Tayten’s bloody and battered body, found them.

“You could tell that his throat was severed completely through, almost to the bone, because that’s when I realized there was no pulse,”During Wilson’s trial, she spoke out. 

“I ran over to Robert, and I’m screaming at him to call 911, and I rip his blanket off and all I can remember is his head flipped forward and then it banged back up against the wall,” the mother testified. “He was the same thing, soaked in blood, and I didn’t get a good look at what his injuries looked like, but I did as far as Tayten’s. In that moment, I started screaming, like, at the top of my lungs.”

According to police, Wilson’s aunt was Wilson’s girlfriend at the time. The couple had been living on the Bakers’ property.

The mother said that Wilson and her sister stayed with her family for a number of years.

She stated that she did not notice anything unusual on the night of the murders in 2020. However, she said Wilson had been sharpening her knife during what she called a “normal conversation”.

Florida law states that Wilson cannot be executed unless jurors unanimously recommend death penalty. This was the case.

In December, a judge will render the final decision.

Authorities described the murders in particular as violent and horrible. Investigators learned that Wilson had told them that he hadn’t slept in three nights before the murders, and that he had been using meth for a long time.



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