Just-Released Bodycam Video shows Authorities Responding To Fatal ‘Rust” Shooting


Newly released video from the police bodycam shows officers on the scene in New Mexico following the accidental shooting and death of Halyna Hutchins, cinematographer, on the set for the Alec Baldwin movie. “Rust.”

Baldwin was still wearing western garb as police began to take evidence photos. Baldwin asks police for permission to take his car to base camp so he can change his clothes.

An officer says that they first need to document the clothes. Baldwin answers the phone. Baldwin takes more photos, and then he redials the number.

Video from a bodycam also shows first responders running into the church to treat Hutchins who later died from her injuries. 

From Joel Souza’s hospital bed, officers spoke with him about a gunshot injury he sustained during the shooting.

“There was a very loud bang. And it felt like somebody kicked me in the shoulder,”Souza stated.

The film’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez, appeared stunned as she was questioned after the shooting. 

“Rust”Producers were hit with the maximum amount of fines possible for safety violations. The Sante Fe County Sheriff’s Office says their investigation “remains open and ongoing.”

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