Justin Timberlake Allegedly Facing $250M Divorce Over Jessica Biel’s Trust Issues, Suspicious Rumors Say


Are you Justin Timberlake Jessica BielAre you ready for divorce? Rumours are swirling that the couple is struggling to keep their marriage together. Here’s the latest gossip from the tabloids.

Justin Timberlake Considering a $250M Divorce

This year, it was earlier. OK! Finally, the reported items were “over”Between Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel. According to the report, they were separated by years of cheating rumors as well as career setbacks. “They had a blowout fight just before Christmas,”An insider’s view “Justin was trying to get Jessica to change her mind about pulling the plug on their Hollywood life. Jessica was in tears. She gave him an ultimatum: Settle down once and for all with her and the kids or risk losing her for good.”

But after doing a bit of digging, we found that things weren’t quite as dire as the magazine made them out to be. Despite the tabloid’s claims that Timberlake and Biel’s careers were suffering, they’ve actually been doing really well. It doesn’t seem like their move out of California has taken a toll on their personal lives at all. And a quick glance at their respective social media profiles certainly made us second-guess this magazine’s story.

Jessica Biel’s Trust ‘Might Not Be Salvageable’?

Then Star reported Timberlake and Biel were in fact fighting over cheating rumors that recently surfaced. An anonymous tip from an Instagram celebrity gossip account claimed that Timberlake had a relationship with an Atlanta woman. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Timberlake was caught in the act; back in 2019, the actor was caught holding hands with his female co-star during a boozy night out in New Orleans. “He pleaded for a second chance, and [Biel] gave it to him,”An insider pointed this out. “But these new rumors have put Jessica on edge again. How much more humiliation can she take?”

The context of this report was lacking. This gossip account is well-known for sharing tips from unvetted, anonymous sources. Unless there’s photographic evidence to back the tips up, they usually never amount to anything. We are skeptical that Biel even knew about the rumor, as it began with a cryptic posting. And once again, Biel’s social media certainly painted a different picture than the tabloid was pushing.

Timberlake: Biel Lives a Separate Life

Finally, OK! It was revealed that Timberlake and Biel were starting to resent each other. As Biel’s new Hulu series ramped up production, Timberlake was left “on daddy day-care duty at their place in Montana… he is not thrilled about it,” a tipster dished. “It’s putting major strain on their relationship because he’s just not handling the stress well.” And the magazine reminded readers of Timberlake’s 2019 slip-up in New Orleans, insisting that their marriage never fully recovered.

It is worth mentioning that tabloids are not the best. OnlyThose still caught up in the 2019 incident. From what we can tell, Timberlake and Biel’s marriage was never even in jeopardy, so we seriously doubt they’re still fighting about it. The magazine also completely ignored the fact that Biel had been working all of his life. Timberlake wasn’t suddenly coming to grips with the fact that his wife was a working woman. This story was easy to dismiss with the rest. We have all evidence to show that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel do just fine.