Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel renew their wedding vows


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel marked their 10-year anniversary on Oct. 19 by renewing their vows. Biel shared an Instagram photo on Wednesday night of herself and her husband wearing white outfits. Timberlake was wearing a cream-colored linen suit and a white dress with a black bow at her waist. Biel wore a full-length white gown. “From our vow renewal this summer,”Biel wrote. “In Italy, where it all went down.”Biel Timberlake, who was married in Italy Oct. 19, 2012, is extremely concerned about the importance of their location. They have welcomed Silas, 7 years, and Phineas 2, respectively, since then. 

Hours before the news of their vow renewal, they celebrated their love with a series sentimental Instagram posts. “10 years ain’t enough!” Timberlake A carousel with pictures and videos captioned. “You make me a better husband and father every day! I love you so much you beautiful human! Run it back!”In her Instagram Story Biel reposted the husband’s memorial and added, “Ten years ❤️.”Later in the day, she posted a message to Instagram. “Being married to you is the adventure of a lifetime. Run it back, baby. RUN IT BACK. I love you.”

Before they celebrated their first wedding anniversary, Biel talked about their love. to Entertainment Tonight in May. “Well, I’ll have to give Justin the credit in this moment, for this one thing that he always says to me: ‘We might be married, but we have to keep dating,’ and it’s so true,” she said at the premiere of her true crime series, Candy. “You just have to keep making time for each other and you have to keep making each other a priority. And do the things that you love together.” She added, “It’s not always easy, as we all know, but those touchpoint moments make all the hard times palatable.” 

The actress also opened upTo Access Hollywood in May regarding the importance of her upcoming wedding anniversary. “I sometimes feel like 10 years has just flown by in the blink of an eye, and other times I feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, 10 years, that’s a really substantial amount of someone’s life,'” Biel said. “I just feel really proud of it.”Biel was however optimistic about the future. “We’ve had our ups and downs like everybody and I’m just really proud of it, and I’m still the happiest and loving my life.”

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