Justin Timberlake Supposedly Having a Hard Time After ‘Worst Year Of His Life,’Uncertain Insider Claims


It is Justin TimberlakeHe is trying to hold it together in the midst of a challenging year. One tabloid reports that the singer has been racking up hits after hits in the last 12 months. Let’s check in on the “Cry Me A River” crooner.

Justin Timberlake ‘Rocked By Scandal’?

This week In Touch reports Justin Timberlake’s reputation isn’t what it once was. He has enjoyed some career success, but he is now struggling to save his public image after a hard year. “As far as his career goes, Justin is used to things going his way,”An insider explains. “This past year was a major blow to him personally and professionally. Lately, it’s been one bad thing after another.”

Timberlake was photographed by paparazzi in 2019 getting into his hands. Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright. He admitted that he had drank, even though he claimed he never went further than that. “way too much” “displayed a strong lapse in judgment.”Even worse was when Jessica Biel, his wife, became pregnant. “The photos were humiliating to Jessica, and Justin spent a long time working to repair his marriage,”The tipster dishes

However, the blow was even worse when Palmer They came out and bombed. “The movie got some poor reviews,”The insiders’ remarks “And a lot of fans seem to have turned against him. Justin knows his image as a loving husband took a big hit.”A second scandal broke right on the cue. Following the documentary Framing Britney Sparrow examined Timberlake’s 2002 split from Britney Spears at length, leading fans to flame him online. Timberlake made a public apology for his actions, but the damage was done. Now, Timberlake’s label is delaying his next album to clean up his image.

Justin Timberlake Trying to Get Rid of Bad Press

While Justin Timberlake has had some missteps in the press lately, we seriously doubt it’s been the “worst year of his life.”Alisha Wainwright’s incident happened two years ago. Jessica Biel and he have since made peace with their situation and welcomed their second child to the world. While we’re sure it caused some friction, it’s in the past now. It’s still being discussed by the tabloids.

As for PalmerIt received a positive reception. It Earned a “Certified Fresh”Rotten Tomatoes Score: 72 PercentFans seemed to enjoy it. We wouldn’t call the film a flop, and it definitely didn’t injure Timberlake’s career or public image. And while it’s true Timberlake was scrutinized for his behavior following his split from Spears, the drama was quickly swallowed up by Spears’ subsequent conservatorship legal battle. Timberlake apologized for his behavior and wished Spears well, and both parties seem able to move on.

It’s incredibly misleading to suggest the past year has been a net negative for Timberlake. Anyone’s year would look bad if you only look at the negatives, but a glance at Timberlake’s Instagram profile shows that things are only looking up for the triple threat.

The Tabloid About Justin Timberlake

But we wouldn’t trust anything In Touch Timberlake, says the tabloid. The tabloid claimed that he was working with Spears on new music in 2017. Then the magazine reported back in 2018 that Biel was pregnant with their second child — a year before she actually was. The outlet also claimed that Spears was vengeful for Timberlake’s death. Obviously, In Touch isn’t reliable when it comes to the NSYNC member.

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