Kailyn Lowry’s Future with Show After Tense Finale: The Views of Teen Mom 2 Fans


The Teen Mom 2Fans are questioning whether this is Kailyn Lowry’s final song of the season. One day later Teen MomThe episode’s sneak peek was made public by Lowry. Viewers were able to see the drama unfold. Teen Mom fans think Lowry should leave Teen Mom if she does no longer wish to film certain aspects. 

Lowry had a very heated chat with producers during the episode. Lowry claimed she was being treated differently from her castmates. She said they were constantly treating her differently. “hounding”She spoke out about her coparenting relationships. She also stated that podcasting makes her more money than MTV. Larry Musnik, producer, stated that her podcasting career would be impossible without her first appearance on the show. Teen Mom. Lowry continued to flip everyone as she said. “Love y’all.”Lowry later commented on the video, and sent a message to fans that sounded suspiciously like a farewell message.

Lowry is being said goodbye by some of these fans. According to their reactions to the finale, they wouldn’t be too upset if Lowry was no longer around. Teen MomStar decided to leave the show. 


Lowry doesn’t want her personal life to be discussed on the show, so some fans are confused. They have an easy solution to the problem.


She’s the one you won’t miss

Lowry may decide to quit the franchise. However, some of her fans will not be sad. She’s already taken a break from filming the show, as this person pointed out.



This fan is calling for MTV to address the issue. They are clearly not there for Lowry.


Too sad to see

Long-time MTV viewers will be disappointed to hear how Lowry treats the series. Lowry has been a fixture in the franchise’s history for so many years.


Keep Your Head Up

Musnik’s comments to Lowry were echoed by another fan. She has a major platform thanks to the show.



Lowry has been vocal about her problems with the show, and it has inspired fans to voice their concerns as well. However, Lowry seems to think that they would be fine if she quits the show after this season.


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