Kaitlin Armstrong, the Accused Killer, May Have Undergone Cosmetic Surgery while a Fugitive in Costa Rica


Kaitlin Armstrong is back in America, the yoga teacher who was accused of murdering professional cyclist Moriah Wilkinson, after she was caught in Costa Rica last week.

Armstrong’s images from before she ran and her current appearance today lead many to believe she had a nosejob.

Armstrong was in hiding for six weeks following the shooting death of Wilson, May 18, 2008 in Austin. She dyed her hair red and cut it short while on the run as a fugitive. Her nose appears more slender and upturned.

“There’s still some yellow discoloration that you can see on her nose. Also if we zoom in a little closer, we can see that there are probably the remnants of a scar here,”Inside Edition interviewed Dr. Jennifer Levine, a facial surgeon.

Armstrong found a receipt for $6,350 to undergo cosmetic surgery under another title in her possessions at Santa Teresa hostel. Armstrong made up a story about the bandage she placed on her nose when she was hiding.

“I seen her with the bandage and I just was in shock. I’m like, ‘Whoa, what happened to you?’ She said it was a surfboard accident. I was like, ‘That doesn’t look like a surf accident.’ I asked her, ‘Man that must hurt?’ And she was telling me, ‘Yah, it hurts really bad,'”Armstrong was introduced to Zachary Paulsen by Paulsen.

Armstrong has been charged with murdering Wilson, who Armstrong believed to be having an affair with her boyfriend. She is being held on $3.5 million bail.

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