Kampala Terror Attack Casualties Rise to 7 after More Succumbed To Injuries Sutained From Blast


The death toll from Tuesday’s terror attack in the Ugandan capitol of Kampala has climbed from three to seven as four more victims succumbed to injuries sustained in the blast, All Africa reported.

George Katana, a businessman, was identified by police as the seventh person to be killed by the suicide bombers’ blasts outside his office, All Africa reported.

At least 35 people were hospitalized and five were in critical condition following the blasts Tuesday morning in the city’s Central Business District.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni said in a statement that “the terrorists invited us and we are coming for them. They have exposed themselves when we are more ready for urban terrorism. They will perish.”

Twitter was used by the president to call out terrorists “pigs”This is a long thread.

BBC reported that three motorcycle-borne bombers drove by parliament and the police headquarters, and set off their explosives. The explosions caused panic and terror around 10 a.m., Tuesday.

Officials blamed the attacks against the armed group, known as the Allied Democratic Forces or ADF (based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo), for the attacks. BBC reported.  

Officials confirmed that bombs were also found in other parts the city. Officials claim that many people have been arrested in connection to the plotting and planning of the attack.

The country’s security forces confirmed Thursday they shot dead a Muslim cleric accused of working with ADF just outside Kampala, BBC reported.

Officials stated that Sheikh Muhammad Abas Kirevu had recruited ADF cells. BBC reported that they were rebels who have pledged allegiance with the Islamic State group, ISIS.