Kanye West allegedly asked Marilyn Manson for help in breaking up Pete Davidson. Kim Kardashian In the Creepiest Way. Gossip Claims


Kanye Westis in an embarrassing feud Pete DavidsonMore Kim Kardashian. Instagram is under constant attack. According to one report, West is now turning to his friend and alleged rapper. Marilyn MansonFor help in getting his wife back. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Can Voodoo Undo Kim And Pete’

Per the GlobeManson was given the task of executing a voodoo curse on Kardashian and Davidson by West. A source says Manson is very interested in voodoo and witchcraft, and he’s convinced West that a ritual could bring Kardashian back: “Kanye is devoutly religious so he won’t be doing any rituals, but he’s probably not going to get in the way.”

Manson is currently facing numerous rape allegations, but West still feels it appropriate to feature him. Donda 2. A tipter claims that the two are now friends. “Kanye is one of the only folks who’ve shown Manson public support since all these allegations came out, so of course, the rocker wants to do whatever he can to stay in his good graces,”They explain.

What’s Going On With Manson And Ye?

Marilyn Manson, a shock artist, says many things only to get attention. It’s part of his lifestyle, but it makes it difficult to parse fact from fiction. His religious beliefs are murky. His claims of being a ordained minister in Satan’s Church were once made, but it was later disproven by the church. He’s also stated he’s spiritual and was raised Christian.

Official Website for the Church of Satan Voodoo and other non-pagan religions are not to be considered.. It is fundamentally an atheist belief system. Manson has never publicly stated an interest in witchcraft and voodoo. 

The story mentions that West is a Christian and has won Grammy Awards to make Christian records. Voodoo and other rituals are directly against his beliefs, and he’s also never endorsed such practices.

Frankly, Gossip CopThis gross story has been given far too much credit. It just wants to use Manson’s reputation for the occult in some stupid story about West and Davidson. West should be focusing on his ongoing divorce. Manson is too fixated on suing his rape victims, namely Evan Rachel Wood, to get involved with West and Davidson’s catty back and forth.

Bad History of Gossip

The GlobeThese stories are often shared. Angelina Jolie claimed that she was practicing witchcraft in order to get Brad Pitt’s divorce. This claim was not supported by any evidence. We also refuted its claim that Queen Elizabeth had the Holy Grail. These stories are completely absurd.

According to reports, Kanye West wants to clone his self in order to live forever. West wants to torture his ex-wife and not make a second of himself. Although Manson and West may be chummy, we couldn’t find any evidence that voodoo could be used to strengthen their relationship or harm Kardashian.

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