Kanye West and Big Sean’s Beef Explained


A good steak is a must for musicians, public figures and artists. Do you remember when Drake and Meek Mill had a scuffle? Or, when Pusha T put Drake in a coma before his ScorpionWhat is the release date? Drizzy appears to have beefs, Ye even had a conversation with him in the past. But after the critical bomb, he was DondaDrizzy appears to be the top because Certified Lover BoyThis is receiving a lot more love. Kanye West doesn’t have a beef with Drake right now. Instead, he has some harsh words for Big Sean and fans want to hear them.

Kanye West and Big Sean explain Big Sean’s beef.

West said that the Drink Champs Show was his favorite show. “worst thing”He signed Big Sean to his record label. Many would likely argue that “Jesus is King” “Ye” “Donda”These distinctions would likely be made, however.

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Kanye was asked by Kanye if he had to choose between Pusha T or Big Sean. Ye signed to his GOOD Music label. Kanye stood up and grabbed an old Halloween gravestone decoration from the studio.

He held the gravestone and said, “Let’s tell you.” I already decided that when I die, on my tombstone it’s gonna say, ‘I deserve to be here because I signed Big Sean.”

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Noreaga, the show’s host seemed confused by Kanye’s statement, with the rapper going on to say: “The worst thing I’ve ever done is sign Big Sean. The worst!”

Big Sean seemed to shrug off Ye’s comments on Twitter stating, “I just got asked to be on the next Drink Champs so I’m assuming Ye taking crazy.” He followed up the tweet with three laugh cry emojis.

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Kanye might be motivated by politics by his disliking Big Sean & John Legend.

In his Drink Champs interview, he stated that he had followed up with the following statement: “Man, I know this man’s momma, bro, you know what I’m saying? I changed this man’s family and both John Legend and Big Sean, when I ran for office, got used quick by the Democrats to come at they boy that actually changed they life. And that’s some sellout sh*t. And I don’t rock with neither of them, and I need my apology. I ain’t saying they ain’t gonna change, but n****s is scared.”

Kanye West has been criticized for his public appearances with Donald Trump, and his rocking a “Make America Great Again”Many years ago, and He recently doubled his down His support for the 45th President of the country.

Big Sean continued to state that he has never been openly politically involved and does not support any of the parties. “The Dems.”

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In the interview, he also stated that Kim Kardashian is still his wife legally, despite the fact they have been officially separated. “It ain’t no paperwork.”

Kanye’s complete interview can be viewed below.

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