Kanye West Claims to Have Gained 30 Pounds after Kim Kardashian Filled for Divorce. Dubious Source Says


It is Kanye WestHe is still eating to cope? One tabloid reported that the author was still eating to cope with his divorce. “We Major”The rapper has gained over 30 pounds since then. Kim KardashianHe left. Gossip Cop is looking back on that story to see what’s changed.

Kanye’s ‘Gut-Busting 6,000 Calorie’Meals

Per the GlobeWest was expressing his emotions. His friends worried that West would eat himself to death after Kim Kardashian divorced. Sources claimed that he was at 310 lbs and consumed over 6,000 calories per day. Sources: “mole” said, “He can put away six or seven sausage patties, ten or 12 rashers of bacon, four hash browns and still be hungry!”Kardashian wasn’t there, so West was just wallowing in the gluttony.

The story did not mention that Kardashian and West were separated for almost a year before Kardashian filed for divorce. While West is known for his love for junk food there was no evidence that his eating habits had changed between divorce and separation. Dwayne Johnson is not the only one who can eat 6,000 calories. It’s pretty hard to believe the rapper could put down four Big Macs per sitting per day.

How’s Kanye West Doing?

It was just a few weeks ago. West’s appearance caught some attention in MarchHe is not overweight, however. The eye is naturally drawn to the enormous boots he has on, but peer up to his upper body and you’ll see he’s clearly not over 310 pounds. While West has had a long and exhausting year since the story was published, his body is still pretty much the same.

That was exhausting! Well, he’s still fighting the divorce with all his might. He’s begun a social media war with Khloe Kardashian and has openly discussed assaulting Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson. West also managed to find the time for new records. Donda Donda 2His relationship and collaboration with Marilyn Manson, an alleged rapist, became a flashpoint. 

West is constantly in the news. There are always cameras watching him. His appearance doesn’t match the reality. Globe promised, so Gossip CopThis story was debunked by the right man.

Kanye West’s History

This tabloid did not stop at Kanye West. Later, it claimed that West said Kardashian didn’t have the courage to move forward with the divorce. West is not exactly known for his tact, so he’s unloaded on Kardashian publicly plenty of times. This was never his intention.

Gossip CopIt also refuted his article about Kardashian being accused of flashing Vatican City residents. This is not what he said. Check out West’s Instagram to see the most recent rant.