Kanye West is worried Pete Davidson will make Kim ‘hooked’ on drugs as he slams romanticism


Kanye West, an American rapper has furiously attacked Kim Kardashian’s new man Pete Davidson in a series Instagram rants. In these rants, he mocks the comedians mental health issues and addiction.

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Kanye West unleashes fury on Kim Kardashian about North

Kanye West once again targeted Pete Davidson with a series of angry social-media posts, after Kim Kardashian made their relationship with the comedian official via Instagram.

44-year-old rapper tried to throw Pete under a bus by sharing a screenshot from a past joke that didn’t go down well. He then seemed to try to stir up controversy again.

The Homecoming star shared a photo of a headlined 2019 Breitbart article ‘Pete Davidson Enrages Audience with Jokes About Having Sex with a Baby.’

Kanye claimed that the article was “yet another reason” why the Saturday Night Live comedian wouldn’t see his four children, which he shares with Kim.

Kanye wrote: “Yet another reason why SKETE gotta stay away from my children.

“Oh and nobody noticed that he ain’t show up to SNL Because Mr. I can help you with meds had a mental breakdown after we ran him off the internet.

“SKETE you not built for this I already blacked the Super Bowl out on you Apologize to your family for being in your family,” Kanye added.

In another post, Kanye shared his concerns that Pete will get Kim ‘hooked on drugs’.

Kanye captioned the shocking post: “Im really concerned that SKETE will get my kids mom hooked on drugs He’s in rehab every 2 months.”

In recent weeks, Kanye has furiously continued to blast Pete, 28, on Twitter and Instagram.

Following his most recent outburst on Instagram, Kanye has reportedly been suspended from the social media site.

As well as putting Pete on blast, Kanye also targeted Trevor Noah on Wednesday – and it now seems that enough is enough for Meta, who owns the outlet.

A spokesperson for the company told TMZ that the Gold Digger singer had violated Instagram’s policies on hate speech, harassment and bullying with his latest outbursts.

As a result, he has reportedly been suspended from his account for 24 hours, during which time he won’t be able to post, comment or send direct messages.

His latest attacks saw him repeatedly throw racial slurs towards Trevor Noah.

At the time of his writing his last Instagram post, Kanye had 11 posts on his account – and six of them referenced Pete or Kim.