Kanye West Slams Mark Zuckerberg Following Instagram Limits His Account


Kanye West has been on a tear lately, and not for the right reasons. Although he has had some success, Many targets have been hit in recent daysGigi Hadid (Gigi Bieber), Hailey Bieber and Adidas shoes.

Entertainment TonightWest was reprimanded for posting content to Instagram that was in violation of the service’s policies. Mark Zuckerberg was in West’s sights and he took to Twitter to vent.

The photo shows West holding microphones in a studio with Zuckerberg and several others around. Either Zuck is singing softly on West’s new album, or it’s the most bizarre karaoke show in recent memory.

Entertainment Tonight reached out at Meta to discuss the situation. The company confirmed that Instagram had removed some of West’s content that was in violation of its rules. This limits the amount West can post.

His most recent controversy post featured texts from Diddy and the Bad Boy founder trying to meet with West. The Good Life rapper didn’t like it and posted the caption to social media. “Jesus is Jew.”This was considered anti-Semitic and may have led to more detailed investigations into his posting history.

West is now restricted from commenting, sharing posts and even sending messages directly to others due to the restrictions. He is now using Twitter and may soon be on Truth Social or another off-shoot platform.

This isn’t West’s first encounter with social media jail. His account was suspended for hate speech harassment and bullying. This was due to his divorce from Kim Kardashian, and his relationship with Pete Davidson, a SNL alum at the time.

Fox News interviewed the rapper about his mental health and recent controversies. He also discussed how he feels regarding others’ reactions. “They keep on using the, ‘Oh, he’s crazy, he’s crazy’ thing. And it hurts my feelings when people say that,”Fox News: West spoke out “It hurts my feelings that people can ask, ‘Hey, are you okay?'”

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