Kate Beckinsale Dos Her Best “The Little Mermaid” in Bikini and Mermaid Tail at Beach


Kate Beckinsale might not have a role in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The Little MermaidHowever, she was able to play a mermaid in Mexico while on vacation. Beckinsale, 49 years old, recently went on a trip to Mexico with her friend and Hollywood costumer. Gabriella MorpethThey shared photos of each other in mermaid costumes. Beckinsale and Morpeth recently collaborated on Beckinsale’s 2021 Amazon Studios movie Jolt.

Beckinsale first shared a video of herself and Morpeth dancing in their vibrantly-colored mermaid tails September 18. She also shared photos from Mexico with Morpeth throughout the week. “The most magical time with the best gang… especially my underwater daughter,”Beckinsale wrote September 23, 2009She shared an amazing gallery of photos from her trip with us,

Beckinsale attended the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. The Daughter of a Prisoner, a new film co-starring SuccessionBrian Cox. Cox portrays a dying convict in the dark drama. Beckinsale plays his daughter and Cox plays his grandson. It is difficult for him to make amends with his violent past. Catherine Hardwicke directed the film.Twilight, Miss Bala) and written by Mark Bacci.

“I found the script really emotional,” Beckinsale told Variety When she was asked about her attraction to the film, she replied: “It’s got a lot of difficult family things in it, which I feel is relatable to everybody. There’s estrangement between the father and the daughter, and then everybody in the movie has got an unresolved pain that they’re just getting along with.”

“I thought it was quite old-fashioned in the sense that it just really exposed the things that kind of rock you, whether it’s one’s child being unwell or a parent having cancer or estrangement in the family – all those kinds of things and how people get on with their lives and then suddenly, everything comes to a head at once,”Beckinsale was also added. “I thought it was just very profoundly moving, the relationships in the film.”

ButThe Daughter of a Prisoner still doesn’t have a release date in the U.S., Beckinsale already has her next project. Beckinsale will be the star of Canary BlackDirected by Pierre MorelTaken). She will also star in a Jason Sudeikis movie, written and directed by Philadelphia is Always Sunny star Charlie Day.

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